The Second Line Film Festival is produced by Gloried Media, LLC. the producers of the South Carolina Cultural Film Festival and The Charlotte Black Film Festival. After participating in the New Orleans cultural scene and serving as producer for the Real Caregivers of New Orleans Mr. Nichols, president of GM fell in love with the people of the city.  As a result, he wanted to create a platform for independent filmmakers who produce Short Films, Feature Films, Documentaries, Web Series, International Films and student films. In addition preserve and promote the culture and history of the Second Line through Dance, Fashion, Film, and Music.

Trophies Awarded - Best Second Line video, Best Short Film, Best Feature, Best Documentary, Best Student Film, Best International Film. Audience Award, Best Director, Best Score.

Selected, Features, documentary, short films, international, Web Series and Second Line videos participate in the Festival’s five competitive sections, the winners of which are chosen by special juries. Awards are given for the Best in each category.

All categories are eligible for the Audience Awards, which is chosen based on ballots submitted by the festival audience. Street teams and promotional flyers are encouraged to promote your film to attendees.

Overall Rating
  • Thank you for believing in my films and helping spread suicide awareness 💜 Festival had great communication and was friendly to all the filmmakers. Thanks for welcoming to your community!

    December 2021
  • Alexandre de Villeneuve

    Amazing festival broadcasting unexpected movies !

    November 2021
  • I absolutely loved this festival! I enjoyed talking with the other creators and the directors of the festival were extremely nice. I look forward to experiencing this festival again and especially when it’s held in person!

    November 2021
  • Giulia Brazzale

    I had a great experience with the New Orleans Second Line Film Festival! Thank you very much! Greetings from Rome!

    November 2021
  • Karim Massaquoi

    Great festival! Good communication, events, schedule, etc. It was virtual, but most of our film's supporters had to navigate on their own and we had no complaints. Organizers were passionate and gave room for all the filmmakers to speak on theirs. The only point deducted was for lack of networking; that's less Second Lines fault than COVID's. Hopefully they'll be back in person next year, because I'm excited to get another film on their hands! Great time!

    October 2020