The New London International Film Festival is an annual event designed to celebrate, educate, and inspire filmmakers from around the world. Due to rising Covid-19 numbers, we will be moving to a hybrid format with an initial online screening and award ceremony with cash prizes for our winners, followed by a smaller screening for our top films later in the year.

Best Short Film | $100 Cash Prize
- Action
- Sci-Fi / Fantasy
- Horror / Thriller
- Drama
- Comedy
- Romance

Best Feature Film | $200 Cash Prize
- Action
- Sci-Fi / Fantasy
- Horror / Thriller
- Drama
- Comedy
- Romance

Best Music Video | $50 Cash Prize
Best Podcast | $50 Cash Prize
Best Student Film | $50 Cash Prize
Best Trailer / Concept Trailer | $50 Cash Prize
Home Grown Award (Best New England Project) | $50 Cash Prize

Additional Categories (automatically included):
- Best Actor (Drama)
- Best Actor (Comedy)
- Best Supporting Actor (Drama)
- Best Supporting Actor (Comedy)
- Best Voice Actor
- Best Director
- Best First Time Director
- Best Cinematographer
- Best Production Design
- Best Costume Design
- Best Makeup & Hair
- Best Soundtrack
- Best Original Song
- Best Sound Design
- Best Editing
- Best VFX
- Best Animation
- Best Choreography
- Best Stunt Work
- Best Animal Actor
- Audience Favorite

Festival Awards
All Main Category & Sub Category winners will receive laurels, certificates, any applicable cash prizes, a free two-day ticket to the festival.


1. All submissions must include a screener link, poster, synopsis, and biographical information for the director. No hard copies will be accepted.
2. Projects must have a completion date on or after January 1st, 2019.
3. Entrants under the age of 18 must have the consent of a parent or guardian to enter.
4. There are no premiere requirements. Projects are eligible even if they are currently available to the public.
5. Foreign language films are welcome, as long as English subtitles are provided.
6. Creators are permitted to submit multiple projects.
7. All copyright clearances must be obtained for a project to be eligible.
8. Multiple versions of the same film will not be considered. Submitting duplicate projects will result in expulsion from the Festival.
9. Submitting as a student without active student status will result in immediate disqualification with no refunds.
10. There will be no refunds on submission fees. Please read all rules and requirements carefully before applying.


The authorized representative ("The Entrant" of the named project ("The Project") hereby submits to New London International Film Festival ("The Festival") for consideration for the 2022 Selection and acknowledges the following:

1. The Entrant has authority to represent and submit the project on behalf of all other parties who have ownership rights, licenses, or interests in the Project. Furthermore, the Entrant acknowledges and agrees to these Terms and Conditions on behalf of all other parties.

2. Exhibition of the Project in the Festival, on social media, or through any other means of marketing for the Festival does not violate any law, consent, copyright, trademarks, or rights of any person or entity.

3. The Project is not subject to any legal claims, litigation, or arbitration and is not at risk of becoming subject to such a threat or proceeding.

4. The Entrant acknowledges and agrees on behalf of all related people and entities that The Festival and all of its involved parties, subsidiaries, parents, affiliates, sponsors, employees, and representatives will be indemnified and held harmless from and against any and all damages, claims, liabilities, losses, and expenses pertaining to the Project and/or the Festival.

5. Entrants under the age of 18 must have the consent of a legal guardian to submit to The Festival.

6. The Entrant acknowledges and agrees that submitting the Project to the Festival does not promise or ensure acceptance into the Festival, nor any obligation on behalf of the Festival.

7. If the Project is selected by the Festival, the Entrant acknowledges that neither the Entrant nor any other parties pertaining to the project shall receive compensation for the exhibition and exploitation of the Project and its materials with the exception of cash prizes where applicable.

8. In the event that The Project is presented with awards or cash prizes, it is the responsibility of the Entrant to distribute the awards or cash prizes among any and all related parties. The Festival will not be held liable for any dispute between the Entrant and other parties.

9. The Entrant grants the Festival the right to use footage, audio, titles, posters, stills, names, likeness, biographical information, or any other marketing materials and information pertaining to The Project for promotional purposes, whether or not The Project is accepted into the Festival.

10. The Festival reserves the right to retract admission into the Festival without reimbursement for misconduct on the part of the Entrant or any parties affiliated with the Project. Misconduct includes but is not limited to discriminatory, vulgar, violent, or bullying behavior both online and in person.

11. The Festival reserves the right to combine or adjust categories in the event that the Festival feels there are either a) not enough submissions in a category, or b) an insufficient number submissions of a high enough caliber within the category.

12. The festival reserves the right to push back the screening date and/or move the festival online for any reason, including the risk of Covid-19, with no refunds or reimbursements.

13. The Entrant acknowledges that they have read and understood all of these Terms and Conditions on behalf of The Project and all related parties. By submitting the Project to the Festival, the Entrant and all related parties hereby accept and agree to all of the Terms and Conditions set forth.

Overall Rating
  • Jonathan Fisher

    Had a great time at this festival in my own backyard, if virtually. Well-handled all around. Winning an award was icing on the cake. Highly recommended!

    January 2023
  • Great festival. Humane communication. We are very happy that our film won three awards, but I am only sorry that I could not attend the award ceremony! Next time!

    January 2023