New Image International Film Festival is a global showcase for the best new films from all genres, regardless of budget or production. We are committed to providing a platform for filmmakers from all over the world to share their stories and connect with audiences.

Our festival is open to filmmakers of all experience levels, from emerging artists to established professionals. We offer a variety of opportunities for filmmakers to network, learn from each other, and promote their work.

New Image International Film Festival is more than just a competition. It is a community of filmmakers who are passionate about cinema and storytelling. We believe that film can be a powerful force for change and understanding, and we are excited to be a part of this global community.

If you are a filmmaker with a story to tell, we encourage you to submit your film to the New Image International Film Festival. We look forward to seeing your work and helping you share your story with the world.

New Image International Film Festival Award Categories

Feature Film Award
Best Narrative Feature (fiction films)
Best Documentary Feature (documentary films)
Best Animated Feature (animated films)

Short Film Award
Best Short Narrative (fiction shorts)
Best Short Documentary (documentary shorts)
Best Short Animated (animated shorts)
Best Short Experimental (experimental shorts)

In addition to these general categories, the New Image International Film Festival could also consider adding more specific awards, such as:
Best Director (Short & Feature Film)
Best Screenplay (Short & Feature Film)
Best Cinematography (Short & Feature Film)
Best Editing (Short & Feature Film)
Best Sound Design (Feature Film)
Best Original Score (Feature Film)
Best Production Design (Feature Film)
Best Costume Design (Feature Film)
Best Visual Effects (Feature Film)
Best New Director (emerging filmmakers)
Audience Award (voted on by festival attendees)

These categories cover all genres of film, from fiction to documentary to animation to experimental. They also recognize the contributions of all members of the filmmaking team, from directors and screenwriters to cinematographers and editors.

1. All genres of films are accepted, including fiction, documentary, animation, experimental, and hybrid.
2. Films must be completed within the past 12 months of the festival submission deadline.
3. Films must not have been commercially released anywhere in the world before their screening at the festival.
4. Films must be submitted in their original language with English subtitles.
5. Films must be submitted in digital format (DCP or ProRes).
6. Films must be accompanied by a completed submission form, synopsis, and director bio.
7. Festival Jury will review all submissions and select a limited number of films to screen at the festival.
8. Selected filmmakers will be notified of their acceptance and invited to attend the festival.
9. Festival staff will provide selected filmmakers with travel and accommodation assistance.
10. Selected films will be screened at the festival and may be eligible for awards.
11. The festival reserves the right to reject any submission for any reason.

Additional rules for competitive films:
12. Competitive films must be over 60 minutes long for feature films and under 30 minutes long for short films.
13. Competitive films must be directed by a filmmaker who has not yet had a theatrically released feature film.
14. Competitive films must be submitted by the filmmaker or their authorized representative.

General terms and conditions:
By submitting your film to the New International Film Festival, you agree to the terms and conditions of this submission form. You agree to allow the festival to screen your film and to use your film for promotional purposes. You agree to indemnify the festival from any claims arising from the screening of your film.
The festival reserves the right to make changes to these rules and terms at any time.