Dear Friends,
After careful consideration, we’ve decided to postpone the 5th NatureTrack Film Festival to 2023 to regroup and recover from pandemic-induced setbacks.
As most of you know, we were one week away from opening night in 2020, with 25 international filmmakers set to come, when California shut down due to COVID. This was a severe setback for a new, small-town film fest like the NTFF. But we rallied, and we were able to present a well-received virtual edition in October of that year.
We were also excited to reprise our virtual NTFF in 2021, and we even welcomed a live audience back for one day of film screenings in Los Olivos. But to move forward from both earlier and continuing impacts of the pandemic and re-establish our home base, we feel it is prudent and pragmatic to give our nascent efforts room to rebound so that we can return with a fabulous 5th anniversary NTFF.
We cannot thank you enough – our incredibly generous and loyal sponsors, our many brilliant international filmmakers, and our dedicated judges, staff, and volunteers. All of you play a critical role in our success, and we can’t wait to welcome you back next year.
You may have questions, and we are here to answer them as best we can. Feel free to reach out to Sue Eisaguirre directly at or 001-805-886-2047.
Thank you for your support of the NatureTrack Film Festival. We look forward to seeing you at the movies in 2023!
All the best,
The NTFF Team

Formats accepted for festival screening are as follows: .mp4 and .mov formats. Recommended size is under 10GB for streaming on Eventive. If your film is a larger size, you will be asked to convert and upload a smaller size to Eventive, and we will show the larger size file to our live audience.

• Films that have been submitted for consideration in previous years are NOT eligible, even if the film has changed significantly since the last time it was submitted.
• Films submitted should focus on “igniting passion for nature through film.” Films containing overly political content are discouraged and may not be accepted.
• Entrant guarantees that third parties have no claim on the submitted films.
Each submission must include:
• Indication of the category, or categories. Filmmakers may enter a film in multiple categories, however NTFF reserves the right to ultimately assign placement in the appropriate single category.
• Student-produced work must include a copy of a current student ID, or evidence of work being completed while entrant was a student, with the application.
• Non-English language productions must be narrated or subtitled in English.

If accepted:
• Participants must provide a minimum of three (3) production stills from your film and a head shot for promotional use at high resolution (300 dpi and/or 1MB) suitable for print.
• Participants must confirm invitation to attend the Festival by September 1, 2021.
- Participants will be invited to participate in a 15-minute Q/A session after their film screens.
• A self-addressed stamped envelope should be included with any correspondence requiring a reply.


If film is submitted other than electronically (thumb drive, DVD, or Blu-Ray), the film file selected for screening at the NTFF will be returned at no charge to the entrant, if desired. Return shipments will be insured for $100. Other arrangements may be negotiated if necessary. Return of film thumb drive, DVD, or Blu-Ray to owners will occur within two months after the NatureTrack Film Festival event. If film is not selected for screening, entrant is financially responsible for return of thumb drive, DVD, or Blu-Ray, and must make a return request within two months after the NatureTrack Film Festival event.

By entering this film:
• I state that I am authorized to submit this film/video to the NatureTrack Film Festival (NTFF) for consideration and have read, understand, and agree to all entry requirements.
• I hereby release the NTFF from all liability resulting from its exhibition of my film/video.
• I agree that if my film is selected for exhibition at the NTFF, I will make it available for that purpose without requiring the payment of a screening fee.
• Participant shall not withdraw his/her film from the NTFF once the selection has been confirmed.
• All films selected will be screened only at official NTFF events. Any additional screenings outside the NTFF shall require a separate prior consent expressed by the producer or distributor.
• All preview copies will remain in the NTFF archives and will be exclusively used for NTFF promotional events and/or educational purposes.

Overall Rating
  • John Moratiel

    Hi Nature Track. Thanks so much for selecting our film - The Water Game for your festival. Best wishes from London. John Moratiel - Director.

    March 2022
  • Luis Palomino Benítez

    Fantastic staff, helpful and friendly. The other films where amazing, I wish I could have attended.

    October 2021
  • John Dutton

    One of my favorite film festivals on the nature circuit. Apart from it being an extremely well organized film festival with a great selection films, they host many educational activities that promote the appreciation of nature.

    October 2021
  • John Mastriano

    NatureTrack Film Festival is a tremendous event run by awesome people who really love what they do. I would absolutely recomend anyone to submit their film to this festival!

    January 2021
  • Pérez Romero Carlos

    Excited and happy to have participated in this festival, a first-rate organization and an impressive festival, we will participate again without a doubt, thank you very much

    November 2020