Native Spirit is the UK's premiere and only Independent annual festival showcasing Indigenous Cinema, MediaMakers and artists in London every October.

The festival is part of Native Spirit Foundation, founded by Mapuche leader Freddy Trequil to promote knowledge and awareness of Indigenous cultures – and longer term projects supporting education in Native Schools and Communities.

Native Spirit works specifically to promote Native filmmakers, artists, and those who facilitate Indigenous Peoples in producing and telling their own stories. All types of film welcome: Shorts, Features, Animation, Horror, Comedy, Music, Dance, Experimental.

Community outreach and pop-up screenings take place throughout the year. Collaborations and suggestions welcome. We're also interested to hear from Indigenous people near and far, who would like to join our small team. Don't be a stranger! contact Tweed

Native Spirit is a non-competitive festival

PLEASE RESPECTFULLY TAKE NOTE: Submissions with non-Indigenous content or designated Native role will be disqualified.

To be eligible for submission, an Indigenous person has to play a key role either behind or in front of the camera and the connection with an Indigenous community has to be clearly stated in the Synopsis and Custom Form.

All media submitted to the Native Spirit Festival will be considered by the Festival’s Judging group. Films will be chosen on the basis that the values presented align with that of Native Spirit Foundation’s work. The Native Spirit Festival is a charitable project and therefore a non-commercial festival run by dedicated volunteers.

We encourage entrants to visit the Native Spirit UK YouTube channel to understand our work before submitting media. Previous programmes here:

All non-English language films must have English subtitles for final viewing.

Incomplete Submission Forms will not be processed.

Thank You!