Video McNasties Studios presents another Nasty Frames Indie Film Fest! That's right, we're back at it with the NASTIEST FILM FESTIVAL IN THE WORLD (or Hamilton, Ontario at the very least)! We're a bunch of horror/sleaze hounds and indie filmmakers, out to have some fun while showing films we think are worth other people's time. We don't want any old student thesis film. We're not giving any special consideration in terms of age, gender, ethnicity or location (however, don't let that discourage you from submitting). We just want the sleaziest, filthiest, greasiest, trashiest, grimiest, nastiest cinematic entertainment that your depraved minds can come up with! Would your film easily offend and possibly clear out a mainstream audience? Then we probably want it! And we probably want to show it to like-minded scumbags, on your behalf! Show us what you got!

**Rotten Apple**
-The Nastiest Film of the Festival, short or long, will be awarded the highly coveted Rotten Apple. This award was formerly presented as the Golden VHS award.
2022: Crappy Christmas: Operation Christmas Child (dir. Jürgen Kling)
2021: The Impalers (dir. J.P. Langlois)
2020 [Golden VHS]: Buffalo & Trout (dir. Presley Paras)

**Golden VHS**
-The Nastiest Feature Film is a new award category with an old name. As of 2021, it is presented as the Golden VHS.
2022: Girl Next (dir. Larry Carrell)
2021: Exit (dir. Michael Fausti)

**Crusty Cut-Offs**
-The Nastiest Short Film will be awarded the Crusty Cut-Offs.
2022: Chateau Sauvignon: terroir (dir. D.M. Night Maire)
2021: The Lake Parasite (dir. Joe Reilly)

**Blood-Spattered Bra**
-The Nastiest Female Lead will be awarded the Blood-Spattered Bra for all of her efforts.
2022: Verity Hayes (as Nola Gombo in All You Can Eat)
2021: Michelle Courvais (Wich)
2020: Hannah Paterson (as Emily Tresscott in I Scream on the Beach!)

**Tainted Tighty-Whities**
-The Nastiest Male Lead will be awarded the Tainted Tighty-Whities for all of his efforts.
2022: R.D. Mower (as Godrick in Unholy ‘Mole)
2021: Jackson Pratt (as The Mark in The Gorgonae)
2020: Christopher de Varennes (as Mark Reiter in Is Your Daughter Home?)

**Golden Ski Mask**
-Video McNasties' very own Ski Mask Guy will choose his favourite short film, and award it the prestigious Golden Ski Mask.
2022: 665 (dir. Juan De Dios Garduño)
2021: Bloodshed (dir.'s Paolo Mancini, Daniel Watchorn)
2020: The Minister (dir. Matt Parks)

**Audience Choice Award**
The audience's favourite film of the festival.
2022: Musings of a Sinner (dir. Nadine L’Esperance)


Runtimes: Short Films under 30 minutes and Feature Films over 60 minutes.

Genres: Horror, Action, Suspense/Thriller, Sci-Fi (including but not limited to Psychological Horror, Horror-Comedy, Horror-Fantasy, Sci-Fi/Horror, Sci-Fi/Action, Action-Comedy, Action/Crime, Crime Drama, Grindhouse/Exploitation, fake trailers, etc.) that are unreleased in Canada will be considered.

Read the event description and ask yourself, "is my film sleazy, filthy, greasy, thrashy and/or grimy? Does it embody those qualities enough for this festival?" Selection is at the final discretion of the programming team. The NASTY FRAMES INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL does not accept films currently available for public consumption in Canada on wide-release home media or streaming and online video sites. All films must be in English, subtitled in English or dubbed in English. The NASTY FRAMES INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL does not accept films which have been previously submitted during past festival seasons. Films selected to screen at the NASTY FRAMES INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL are eligible for selection committee awards and audience choice awards.

Feature Length: 60 minutes or longer
Short: under 30 minutes

Video McNasties Studios and Nasty Frames Independent Film Festival make NO guarantees that your film will be acquired or selected. By submitting, you agree that you have full rights to be able to submit your work, for viewing in the NASTY FRAMES INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL, and that you have obtained all necessary rights to be able to submit for exhibition. Entrants will be notified by email if their work has been selected for the festival run to which they have applied. Submissions that fail to meet the outline criteria and terms may be disqualified. No refunds will be provided for disqualified or rejected submissions under any circumstances. Student film entries must include proof of student status at the time of production (i.e., copy of student ID, transcript, etc. and should be emailed at time of entry to with entry title in subject line of the email). Student filmmakers that do not supply the required documentation at the time of submission will have their entries disqualified. Final programming and slotting of films will be determined by the NASTY FRAMES INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL programming team in conjunction with input from applicants. The programming team’s decision as to the date and time of the screening is final. Successful applicants will receive this information regarding the date and time of the screening in their official invitation. If selected, the entrant grants the NASTY FRAMES INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL the right to utilize publicity materials related to the production (e.g. press kits, posters, stills, etc.) for promotional purposes, and to broadcast or screen clips / trailers of a maximum of five minutes. No screeners or application materials will be returned. Do not send film prints, master tapes or other originals.

Once a film is programmed in the FESTIVAL it may NOT be removed. If you want to remove your film you MUST do it before the final deadline. After the final deadline, a film is considered entered and we will begin programming immediately, at our discretion. You will get a FilmFreeway notification from us with possibly no further contact as to your inclusion in the festival. Submission Feedback will not be provided for entries which were submitted using a free or discounted waiver code. Once a film is programmed, you will receive a welcome email from FilmFreeway via the NASTY FRAMES INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL with all the information you need to attend and any further materials if needed.

We prefer to view online screeners only. Submit your film electronically via ( Each film must be submitted as either a Feature or Short film submission. Submission guidelines for the NASTY FRAMES INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL are subject to change. The NASTY FRAMES INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL reserves the right to rule on all issues not expressly covered in these guidelines. NASTY FRAMES INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL will only accept one cut (ROUGH or FINAL) of each film for programming consideration. If needed, the NASTY FRAMES INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL will request an updated version and will contact the applicant directly. Please send your film in the most complete and finished form possible. If selected for a screening, it is mandatory that you submit two DVDs or Blurays clearly labeled with the film title for preview screening purposes. The NASTY FRAMES INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL prefers Region 1, NTSC format DVDs and Blurays. Alternatively, you may also provide us with with a HQ downloadable digital copy of your film for screening purposes. The NASTY FRAMES INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL will not assume responsibility for nor will it accept shipments incurring expenses for terminal charges, duties, taxes or customs brokerage.

Please note: the The NASTY FRAMES INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL does not accept international shipments via United Parcel.

If you must mail a screener, please contact us at:

DVD, Bluray and digital file formats (Quicktime, Mpeg, Mov) are the only accepted formats. If you do not supply us with an Exhibition copy by the deadline, we will screen the version we have. Please note: If you want us to use a VIMEO LINK for exhibition, make sure your profile allows the DOWNLOAD option. Delivery details will be listed in your acceptance letter and will include request for press access / screeners and links to excerpts for press.

While we will do everything we can to protect your information, what happens with it when another person has it in their possession (like a film guide, or screener access) it is impossible for us to manage and therefor, the NASTY FRAMES INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL and VIDEO MCNASTIES STUDIOS, and its employees and volunteers can not be held liable for what happens to your information once released via your screener.

Submission guidelines for the NASTY FRAMES INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL are subject to change. The NASTY FRAMES INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL reserves the right to rule on all issues not expressly covered in these guidelines.

Overall Rating
  • Tyler Beveridge

    What a fantastic and unique festival! Communication is beyond excellent. We were unable to attend, but man did we want to, because it looked like a great time. Do yourself a favor and submit. Be nasty!

    November 2023
  • Scott Brown

    I was honoured to have "Storage Room B" screen at Nasty Frames! The film selection was fantastic and you could see that a lot of care went into the programme. The audience was receptive and energetic and I had a great time. I will definitely be submitting again in the future.

    November 2023
  • A very good festival. Good communication, well promoted on multiple platforms, proud to be part of it!

    November 2023
  • Cool festival! Honored to have my film The Strong Box selected. Keep up the good work guys!

    November 2022
  • Nadine L'Esperance

    It was an honour to be screened at such a "Nasty" festival.

    October 2022