Istanbul International Nartugan Film Festival 2021 awards in front of enthusiastic art lovers.

The first film festival, inspired by Nartugan, which is celebrated every year on December 21st as a Turkish tradition dating back thousands of years, handed out its awards.

Kozyatagi Cultural Center, Gonul Ulku - Gazanfer Özcan gave awards to the films that received the degree on the stage. Kozzy Shopping Center hosted the event and was attended by people from the world of business and art. Hosted by the famous radio personality Sarı Şeker Sema, the awards of film crews who could not attend from abroad due to the pandemic that affected the world were entrusted to the future filmmakers and child actors.

Istanbul International Nartugan Film Festival was founded in November 2020 by Erol Aydin, a marine worker, and Director Gültekin Bayır, who produced social responsibility projects. In the year it was founded, "Turquoise Lion Brave Filmmaker" awards were given to 6 film crews who had the courage to make films despite the conditions and economic difficulties of the Covid pandemic.

Nartugan, Birthday of Sun Festival

Istanbul International Nartugan Film Festival (IINFF) is a festival that welcomes all groups/communities, old and new, that form the sun ritual cultures.

Language and Social Identity are, obviously, two of the most fundamental elements of this culture. Old and new all societies that adopted Sun Culture show surprising similarities both in these two fields and in their way of life. We aim to organise an annual international festival to celebrate the oldest known sun culture in the world, Turks and their language Turkish at a time that would correspond to Her Nartugan.

With the help of cinema, we desire to create a cultural unity between the people who speak the first Sun language Turkish and its dialects, wherever they may be.

In short, we invite all films that are concerned with American Aboriginals, Shamanism, Paganism, their language, culture, social life and above all else films that are made by people who think in Turkish.

In addition to these, we are also ready to screen any film in any language as long as they have subtitles in Turkish and English.

Films that will be accepted:

Any films in Turkish or its dialects, regardless of genre and topic
Any films made by American Aboriginals, or films concerned with them and their cultures, as long as they have subtitles in Turkish and English
Any films concerned with Shamanism or similar sun rituals, as long as they have subtitles in Turkish and English
Regardless of their nationality, mother tongue, culture, religion, any films made by people who think and produce in Turkish or it dialects, as long as they have subtitles in Turkish and English


En İyi Yerli Kısa Belgesel Film
En İyi Yabancı Kısa Belgesel Film
En İyi Yerli Belgesel Film
En İyi Yabancı Belgesel Film
En İyi Yerli Kısa Film
En İyi Yabancı Kısa Film
En İyi Yerli Film
En İyi Yabancı Film


Best Domestic Short Documentary Film
Best Foreign Short Documentary Film
Best Domestic Documentary Film
Best Foreign Documentary Film
Best Domestic Short Film
Best Foreign Short Film
Best Domestic Film
Best Foreign Film


Our festival is free of application or admission fee. It will be free first years
Unfortunately, at present, we are not in a position to give financial rewards to any award winners.

Overall Rating
  • Thank you for such an amazing opportunity to be in your festival .

    December 2023
  • Alex Afshar

    My film was selected, but there was no communication from the festival. I tried to email them, but they had no functioning email addresses. I wrote to them on instagram and yet no answer. Don´t take this festival so seriousley.

    December 2023
  • Thanks for selecting "Enter the Room" into your festival!

    December 2023
  • Furkan Nihat Tüken

    I was honored to be at Nartugan festival. Thanks to all crew :)

    April 2023
  • I was honored to participate in this year's Nartugan Film Festivali with "Resurrection under the Ocean" short film! - 😃😃😃🙏🙏🙏

    March 2023