This is a new subsection of the New York Short Film Festival where we're seeking teams NYC filmmakers who love a challenge to create some original shorts on a ticking clock!

Teams will arrive to receive their assignments at 5pm on Friday, November 1st-- and then the fun begins! Writing, Shooting, and Post-production must be completed by 5:30pm on Sunday, November 3rd. All shorts will be screened during a block in the main festival (TBD, Mon. 11/4, Tue. 11/5, Wed. 11/6, or Thu. 11/7).

Winners for this section will be selected by audience vote and announced at our Closing Night Party (Thursday Nov. 7) with the main festival awards!

1.) All teams must be available to shoot & present in NYC for specified competition dates. NYSFF is not responsible for any travel expenses or arrangements.

2.) All completed films must come in at 6 minutes or under.

3.) All completed films must adhere to the specifications assigned at kickoff (required genre, character name, and line of dialogue will be unique to each team).

4.) All completed films must be submitted electronically by the specified deadline or risk losing award consideration and/or screening slot. Late films may be considered for screening without awards consideration at managerial discretion.

5.) NYSFF is not responsible for providing equipment, shooting locations, or any other production assistance to the filmmaking teams selected.