Session 1 - Noon

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Figuring It Out - Two couples try to figure out relationships, situationships and the balance between masculine and feminine in a world of dating apps, social media and female equality.

The Breakroom. - After Mindy's PTO gets denied while working in retail at a big box store, Jana shares her fantasies of robbing the place as Mindy struggles with the reality of her situation.

STILL SCATTERED (Locked Cut). - After losing his wife, a failing gallery artist returns home to his small town, looking for support from the very people he's fought so hard to escape.

TEAM-BUILDING - A squabbling diversity committee at a Life Insurance company reluctantly takes part in a team-building exercise. But when the Operator of their escape room chokes on a peanut they have just minutes to get out and save him. To do that they must work as a team.

Midway. - A heartwarming and humorous short film that brings together Caroline and Sage, two seemingly different women who find a shared past.

& Cut. - When a struggling actress by day and worn-out waitress by night stumbles upon the chance of a lifetime, her moral compass is sent spinning as she must make a choice between the lustre of her dreams and the potential for irrelevance.

Like Father, Like Son. - Gil and his cousin Ken are looking through old storage boxes of Gil's late father, Cedric. He was a strange but quirky old dog. A real one of a kind guy who will be missed.

Kenneth Polusko's Hole Replacement. - Do you punch holes in walls in anger, well we have the answer.

Pirates! - A spoof sequel to the Tom Hanks hostage thriller "Captain Phillips"

Session 2 - 2 PM

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Plant Psychic - A mocumentary following a man who thinks he can talk to plants.

Payment in Kind. - To raise money for her dog’s surgery, a picture framer must quickly sell a painting –– over the opposition of the artist friend who gifted it to her.

The Bully. - When a stressed-out single-mother faces bullies from all directions, she must choose between getting walked over and getting revenge.

The Chandelier. - For months, Ameen struggled to afford his newlywed life after losing his job due to the pandemic. He was forced to stay with his needy in-laws who constantly criticized his every move.

again sometime. - A resurrected childhood nightmare spurs two old friends to reunite, but time, growing apart and a complete lack of emotional intelligence (or maybe a really bad tick bite) test their ability to make even the most basic connection.

Good Girl. - After ending a six year relationship, a well-behaved, Jewish, OBGYN decides to turn her brain off and her body on by exploring BDSM; instances of which are popping up in the most unusual places.

Spanx for Nex - Make your Nex skinny too! Woo!

We Are the Birds. - An original comedy music video

Delivery - A customer finds out just what lengths a driver will go to get a 5 star review.

The Crotch Song. - This comedic music video uses the genre of 80s and 90s pop to share an important message.

I Got A Boat. - "I Got a Boat" is a comedy music video that satirizes people who appropriate Southern culture.

Gettin' Horizontal. - A comedic music video inspired by synth pop.

Session 3 - 4 PM

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Pulp Friction. - The lives of two roommates and a mysterious man intertwine in a tale of conflict and clashing within close quarters.

Unrest In Peace. - Dan and Ashley discover that their home is haunted by the ghost of Liz, Dan’s former girlfriend. Liz becomes determined to scare Ashley out of her relationship with Dan with a series of supernatural pranks

Are You Mad At Me. - auren and Sydney are best friends, but Sydney is dating… Nick. When Lauren "accidentally" hits Nick with her car, Sydney and Lauren are forced to hash out their disagreement.

Just Alright. - Dan is desperate for a fresh start, but when his former housemate, Scott, moves into his new unit uninvited and befriends a dead salmon he dubs ‘Craig’, solitude seems like an impossible dream.

The Coffeepot. - In preparation for a crucial out of town job interview, ambitious Sam must stay at a hotel. Her quest for her morning coffee turns comically frustrating when she encounters the cheerful yet incompetent front desk attendant.

Hitman's Gambit. - In the middle of an interrogation, Nicolas discovers that he mixed up his bag full of torturing tools with his wife's gym bag. He and his partner, Warren,

Nature Bear Exxxtreme - A mockumentary that chronicles the development and production of a durational performance piece called “Nature

Camping Short - A single-mother tries to find a male role-model for her son, only to find out he has other ideas.

Airhead - "When a high-strung college student attempts to make a documentary about how his peers view their intelligence, he runs into the absurdities that come with documentary filmmaking and a set of very unfiltered interviewees."

Robots Don't Tell Jokes. - Robot thinks he has a wonderful joke, so he keeps trying to tell it, but none of the other robots ever laugh. They tell him "robots don't tell jokes...

Killing for a Living. - A comedy mockumentary series following four hopeless assassins living together in London, struggling to kill their way to the top whilst navigating city life and their own egos.

No Other Gods But Me. - In the midst of a sexual awakening, a religious teen finally musters up the courage to kiss h

An American Tail. - New York City has a new rat czar, and it is impossible to overstate the urgency of her mission. The rats are everywhere….or are they?

Biggie Small Ears. - A tourist in New York City makes a cultural faux pas.

Freeze Tag. - A class of 5th graders decide to engage their dorky teacher in a harmless game of Freeze Tag.

Session 4 - 6 PM

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I Killed Angela - Two long time NYC friends, Jack and Morris, meet regularly at The Waverly Diner in the West Village. Here at their favorite table, they consider growing older in a city that has passed them by, finding comfort with their favorite food and familiar waitress and environs. That is until October 11, 2022

Loosen Up: The Short - 18 year old Charlie is eager to get to college where she can finally escape her overbearing parents and put her obsession with self-pleasure to rest using a more socially accepted pleasure.

GREG GOT FIRED. - Greg just got fired from his first job out of college. Lost and despondent in LA, Greg realizes how much the job truly meant to him. So when a chance arises to possibly win the job back, the on.

Dave & Alice Want to Have Sex - Engaged couple, Dave and Alice, stumble home from a late night out determined to break their five month dry spell.

Hairpiece - Two kids knock off their father’s toupee in a pillow fight and believe they murdered him. Based on a true story about a dysfunctional family in 1983.

Tear Shield. - A comedic commercial parody to help keep your emotions in check.

An Artist's Life. - One evening, a dedicated artist questions their life’s work.

Interracial Couple In A Cheerios Ad. - An advertising team brainstorms a way to make the world's most inclusive commercial

PHONE CALL - Why everyone with a Korean mom needs to go to therapy.

Podcast Bros. - Come along with Wellington Scott, a globally acclaimed entrepreneur and pitchman, as he navigates the world of bro podcasting. He wants to sell you on fame and fortune using a life-altering product which promises to not only ensure your vitality through virality but also solidify your masculinity.

Session 5 - 8 PM

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Warm/Тёплое. - After a wild party, Katya wakes up on a mattress in the middle of the water. It's time to sort herself out and find her way in the sea of possibilities.

The lastest thing in comedy. - An emerging director Sara wants to make a film to denounce the contemporary society that pursues fame and fortune at all costs,

Secret Santa. - An unsuspecting family gathers for a Christmas Eve dinner filled with rueful revelations and betrayal, delivered by an unseen and booming narrative voice.

Quarantine Fling. - How far would you go to keep your parents out of your bubble?

The Karens. - Welcome to the support group for people named Karen. Believe it or not, there are some people out there who are named Karen. That’s their actual name.

FULL THROTTLE PARADISE. - A dark farce that explores feminism, materialism, and fetishes. Pat Padula, a seemingly connected man in the neighborhood, expresses his love for the free-spirited Dottie in an atypical family therapy session

Пока, рыбка/Goodbye, fish! - After the wedding Vika and Andrey head for a picnic. Vika is a cranky blogger; Andrey is a humble nerd.

Love's a Wash. - Stephen, a young curmudgeon, tries to fix his love life and his laundry with the help of his two best friends.

Canniversary. - A character's sobriety is tested when his office crush invites him to a Cannabis-themed party.

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See all the comedy films for a full day form Noon until 10pm. Come meet the filmmakers and the fans! The pass gets you into all 5 of the screening we will hold on November 5, 2023.