The NoWHere Film Festival (NWHFF) aims to experiments with new genres of art through a meeting of performing arts and visual arts, and introduces a variety of experimental performance films by presenting a new sustainable creative ecosystem beyond the present to the future.

Among the submitted works, one of the most experimental works shall be awarded 'NOWHERE AWARD' by the NoWhere Film Festival jury. For the winner, the festival will invite them as performers or guests in the next year, and the way of inviting could change depending on the situation.

▸ Programs
The films submitted to the Nowhere Film Festival are selected as screenings in each category by the Film Festival jury. The NoWHere Film Festival is a partial competitive international film festival consisting of the "competition" and "invitation" categories. And the detailed composition is as follows.

1) Now : narrative film/video

2) Here : non-narrative film/video

▸ Submission
1) Entry Process 

Entry to the Festival must be done through the festival’s online entry system:
Entrant must fill in requested information in each field.
2) Entry fee
No fee will be charged for film entry.
3) Deadlines
The deadline for the submission is Sunday, September 26th, 2021, 24:00 (PST). The late deadline is October 3rd, 2021, 24:00.
4) Eligibility 

The entries open for every nationality, kinds, length, and films deals with performances as the main theme. And the length of the film must be less than 30 minutes.
5) Year of Production
Only films that have been completed after January 1st, 2020 are eligible for submissions.
6) Premiere Status 

The NoWHere Film Festival considers films regardless of their premiere status. But Films that were not screened anywhere else in the country will be given preferential treatment before the Nowhere Film Festival.
7) Entry Materials 

Entrant must fill in requested entry form and provide Preview Screener link via online entry system(

• Upload preview screener of each film on online streaming services i.e. Vimeo, YouTube, etc. and provide its designated URL and password (if applicable) in the online entry form. 

• Preview screener link should be submitted with private link or with password for the protection & security of submitted films.

• Preview Screener must be the final version of the submitted film. Should any modification/edit has done after the completion of its entry, entrant must contact to the Festival and follow the instruction accordingly. 

• Preview Screener link must be accessible until the end of the October, 2021.
8) Property Rights 

It is the sole responsibility of the Entrant to clear all content of the film any and all actual or potential legal claims and issues, including but not limited to claims based upon using music, stock footage, and any other elements contained and/or used in the film. The Festival expressly disavows any responsibility for, and will not be held responsible for any legal issues that might arise from the inclusion of unclear materials in the film.

▸ Selection
1) Selection Process
Official section will be chosen by the Festival Selection Committee. Only selected films will be notified individually via email by the 8th OCTOBER 2021.
2) Withdrawal and/or cancellation of selection
Once a film has been selected, it cannot be withdrawn from the enlisted program. In the case of any intentional and/or unintentional misgiven information on the entry form, the Festival Selection Committee can reach an agreement to cancel the designated film’s status from the Program.
3) Screening section 

Entrants cannot choose the screening section on the process of entry submission. It is the Festival Selection Committee’s sole authority and responsibility to determine each film’s screening section.

1) Online Screening 

The film will be screened on the online screening platform during the film festival.
2) Subtitles 

The final screening is a film that is not a Korean or English ambassador, it must contain English subtitles.

▸ Materials list for selected films and its coverage (*APPLIES TO SELECTED ENTRANTS ONLY)
1) Materials list for selected films 
For official section, each Entrant will keenly cooperate upon the request from the festival management. 
Materials list includes, but not limited to;
• Downloadable Screener (H.264 .mov or .mp4 / AAC / Image Size: 1920x1080) 

• Dialogue List in English and Original language 

• Synopsis (in English)
• Director’s photo and still photo of the selected film (at least 3 photos / 300 dpi) 

• Director’s Filmography and Biography (in English) 

• Poster of selected film 

• Cast & Credit List 

• Trailer (if available) : a downloadable file format
2) Use of materials and coverage 

• Materials provided by Entrant in the request from the Festival shall be used including for any promotional purpose, but not limited to Program Catalogue, promotional materials before and after the festival. 

• Festival’s promotional activity coverage includes but not limited to local and/or international newspapers, broadcasting, magazines, and online activities on festival’s official website and social media channels. 

• Festival can edit and/or extract the submitted trailer and/or excerpts of selected films to create its own promotional 

• In case, trailer and/or excerpts are not available, the Festival is authorized to use of extracts of final screening version within three minutes, under its strict supervision. The excerpts will be used only for promotional purposes for the Festival. 

• Submitted screeners will be catalogued and made available for domestic and/or international juries, press, critics, and industry guests at the Video Library during the festival.
• Submitted materials will not be returned and/or discarded unless otherwise a specific request from participants.

▸ Festival Archive
All selected films authorize that its provided screener will be part of the Festival Archive, thus will be catalogued and being open to be viewed at internal circulations by request or being screened only for educational & non-commercial purpose after the festival.

▸ General Regulations
• As the entrant completed and signed on entry form, the entrant acknowledges and agrees to NWHFF Rules and Regulations for the festival. The above regulation take effect with the initial application for film is submitted to NWHFF, which contains the approval of the filmmaker or his/her representatives.
• NWHFF reserves the right to make an independent decision on matters not concerning the above or where no decision has been specified.
• In the event of a natural disaster or a social crisis, a situation may be changed from the contents of the above regulations, and in the event of a change in regulations, the relevant matters may be discussed with mutual consent.

Overall Rating
  • Thaís DeMelo

    Very high quality films, so glad my film was part of your festival. Keep it up!

    November 2021
  • Marielle Gonier

    Thank you for your professionalism, it was a pleasure to work with you. Big hug from Paris!

    October 2021