Nova Frontier Film Festival and Lab is a timely, narrative, documentary and experimental film festival, passionately committed to enhancing the visibility of filmmakers and stories from the African diasporas, Caribbean, Latin America and the Middle East, situated in Brooklyn, New York and Marseille, France - Cities which serves as a nexus between these regions. With a program of on-going film screenings, workshops, conferences, lectures, and concerts, we aim to create a hybrid film festival that promotes intercultural understanding and intellectual engagement through the art of cinema, while celebrating, deepening and expanding our connections to diverse communities, cultures and languages in New York, France, other European regions, and globally.

Nova Frontier Film Festival is also dedicated to supporting emerging talents from under-represented regions and weak infrastructure for films. To that aim, our talent lab is conceived as an incubator and hub, a platform for creativity and learning, dedicated to educating and fostering the next generation of talented filmmakers in the philosophy, skill-sets, and distribution of independent filmmaking and new media. Thus a focus on youths is to create a safe environment that facilities the exchange of knowledge, collaboration and co-production, while simultaneously working on dissolving cultural boundaries (conceived and pre-conceived) that separates - Engaging in productive rather than pernicious confrontations. We bring promising talents together with international filmmakers and experts in the field to help them realize their projects, identify markets, mentorship and career opportunities that also help stimulate the growth of European film and audiovisual industries.

Building strategic partnerships with other film festivals, institutions and organization, Nova Frontier Film Festival will also be organizing special film screenings and incubator film and media labs in France as well as in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, with indoor/open-air screenings and exhibitions - A powerful initiative to bring communities together in civic engagement and action through independent films and media that address key social issues of our time.

Best Narrative Short Film
Best Documentary Short
Best Experimental Short
Best Actor/actress
Special mention (narrative, documentary, experimental)
Best Feature Film
Best feature Doc

- The Festival Themes this year is Social Justice, Immigration and Identity, please make sure your films reflect those themes
- For Short films shot on smartphone, it must be shot entirely on a smartphone or tablet and shot only horizontally.
- Short films must be no longer than 15 minutes including titles and credits.
- We require the use of original unreleased music or music rights.
- Copyright material can only be used if you have written permission to do so.
- You can submit as many films as you like.
- We accept films that have been made in the last 2 years and is allowed to have screened at other festivals and online.
- Participants will allow usage of clips from the entry and all related publicity material
submitted for promotional use on television, radio, in print, web, and for live Festival

Overall Rating
  • Myriam Rey

    Thank you very much to the Nova Frontier Film Festival and the jury for awarding our short doc "Only My Voice". I really enjoyed the communication with the organizers. It has been amazing to be part of such an exciting and meaningful festival!

    October 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much Myriam, it was an honor to screen your film.
    Keep up the good work!!
    Lydia & Billy

  • Amilcar Navarro

    Fantastic collection of films. Excited to see this festival grow, and honored to be a part of it.

    October 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much Amilcar, it was an honor to screen your masterpiece.
    We are looking forward to your upcoming works.
    Lydia & Billy