The NATURE & TOURISM FILM FESTIVAL (NTFF) NATOURALE takes place once a year in Wiesbaden / Germany. The venue is the famous Murnau-film theatre, part of the Deutsche Filmhaus, in which the winning films are awarded and shown.

NOT produced before 2014

An international panel of experts awards the most impressive films of recent years in the fields of nature, the environment, travel and tourism. A combination that has been chosen as a sustainable combination of these sectors is becoming increasingly important for modern society. Filmmakers who recognize and implement this will have an important impact on the future development of our world and will gain an important forum with NATOURALE.

The NATOURALE is a film festival for documentaries, reports, commercials and feature films from the fields of nature, the environment, travel and tourism. Submitted films are intended to document the beauty of our planet or to point out abuses in this context. Films from the areas of tourism and travel are given special consideration if they are committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism. Film submissions are only possible under consideration and recognition of the regulations. Please read them carefully. To submit, please use the attached form on the NATOURALE-homepage or submit your works directly via Filmfreeway. Deadline: October 10, 2018.

Awards are given in 6 categories:

1) White Hessian Lion for the best film over 30 minutes (Nature / Environment)

2) White Hessian Lion for the best film over 30 minutes (Tourism / Travel)

3) Golden Hessian Lion for the best film under 30 minutes (Nature / Environment)

4) Golden Hessian Lion for the best film under 30 minutes (Tourism / Travel)

5) Red Hessian Lion for the best commercial under 10 minutes (Nature / Environment / Tourism / Travel)

6) Sustainability Award / Red Hessian Lion (open for all films)

About the award:
The Hessian lion is one of the best-known works of art, which are in direct contact with the state of Hesse. It was created by the world-famous artist Prof. Ottmar Hörl. For the festival, he creates a special connection between his artwork and a pedestal, which achieves a special uniqueness and thus high value of the award.

Invited award winners will receive 2 overnight stays in one of our partner hotels for the duration of the festival. Included is also a program for the award winners. This includes an exciting tour of the state capital Wiesbaden.

Furthermore there are 9 special awards. These are designed by the extraordinary artist Darina Schmidt from Hesse. Since 2013, she has made a name for herself through unique animal graphics. For our festival, she puts her art prints in connection with a certificate and refines it behind glass.

The awarding of the special prizes is possible in the following categories and is arranged on the recommendation of the jury. A film can get several awards. The following special prizes can be awarded:

01) Best Director
02) Best Screenplay
03) Best Editing
04) Best Music
05) Best Camera
06) Scientific and Engineering Award
07) Best Passion Project
08) Best Cinematic Idea
09) Best Story

It is permitted to submit documentaries, reports, commercials and feature films in the categories of nature, the environment, tourism and travel

For all filmic forms, a distinction in length for film up to and from 30 minutes applies. An exception is advertising films, which must not exceed a maximum length of 10 minutes.

The respective submitter guarantees the full rights to the submission, this also applies to attached press and advertising material. As part of the festival, this is guaranteed by the submitter, film screenings of the submitted films are free of charge for the organizer. Demo fees, license fees and / or costs of any kind will not be due or will be borne by the submitter. Rights of third parties must not be violated, the responsibility lies with the submitter. Costs of any kind are not covered by the festival and are the responsibility of the submitter.

Submitted films may not have been published before 01.01.2014.

Film must be submitted in German or English. If another language is the main language of the film, German or English subtitles are also permitted.
The submitter is responsible for the correctness of the translation.

Submission is only possible via Filmfreeway or via the form on the NTFF NATOURALE homepage. All films must be available either via Vimeo or YouTube link.

All films should be submitted electronically, DVDs or other media will not be accepted.

Please do not send any press material before being asked to do so.

Unsolicited submitted materials will not be returned.

The festival fee of 60 euros (This amount applies to a direct submission via the NATOURALE homepage. For other forms of film submissions, the costs may vary.) is payable on the day of submission and the context of submission, by mentioning the film title and the director. Payment is possible via PayPal or bank transfer (Please check our festival homepage for details). The Filmfreeway fee is paid in US dollars and adjusted to the exchange rate. Filmfreeway also offers an exclusive early bird discount.

More than one film per submitter may be submitted. Each submission requires separate submission documents and a separate fee.

All submission documents must be complete.

A refund of the festival fee is not possible under any circumstances.

A pre-jury, organized by the festival management, will nominate 5 nominated films in each category.

The main jury selects the respective winners from the nominated films.

All nominated films and the respective winners must be confirmed by the festival management.

The result of the festival management is final, legal recourse is excluded.

Should no worthy winner be found for one or more categories, then the festival management can also refrain from awarding a prize.

Winners of a "Hessian Lion" should be present in person or send a representative from their team to award the prize in Wiesbaden during the Festival days.. The cost of the accommodation will be covered by the Festival for two days. The Festival offers the stay in on of th partner hotels of the Festival. Private reservations will not be accpted. Further travel expenses must be paid by the winner.

Submission to this festival is not permitted if prohibited by law in the country of submission.

With the submission, the submitter assures that he has read, understood and accepted all regulations of the Festival..

All submitted data of the participant may be used in connection with this or future festivals.

Updates and further information can be found on the NTFF homepage.

Changes to the regulations can be made by the festival management at any time.

Jurisdiction is Wiesbaden.

Submission deadline is 10.10.2018