The Myrtle Beach International Film Festival has been awarded several prestigious awards including one of the "Top 25 film festivals worth the entry fee" by Movie Maker Magazine and has become a favorite of many filmmakers and film enthusiast!
The MBIFF 18 will take place April 18 - 22 2023.
What sets the MBIFF apart from other festivals is our commitment to the true spirit of film. Once you are here, you are family.
Our judging panel includes judges from all walks of life, why? As with any subjective judging, it is important to have a broad spectrum of perspectives. Many film festivals house only filmmakers as judges, which can lead to niche judging which we feel is unfair to filmmakers, especially if you do not fall inside their niche. Your film receives the fair and honest treatment it deserves. By including other perspectives from different walks of life it creates a balanced judging platform, which we believe is why we have been touted as having one of the best film line ups in the World. We believe that your project receives a more overall perspective grading as to whether it entertains or informs a wider viewing audience rather than that of only an entire panel of film makers. Not to worry, we do have several film professional on board as judges!
The goal of the founder and director Jerry Dalton, was to create a venue for independent film makers which is not corrupted by politics.
The MBIFF screens projects in a multi-million dollar theater, housing state of the art technology.
We look forward to viewing your film /project!

Trophies are awarded

Standard film festival rules apply.
You must own the work and not use another entities copyright.
You must have the legal authority to submit the project.
Legal Fair use is allowed for documentaries.
Projects selected will screen in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in April.
MBIFF reserves the right to determine eligibility of any project submitted.
Filmmaker submitting must agree that filmmaker has secured all necessary rights to both picture and sound, and exhibition will not violate or infringe upon any rights including but not limited to music, images, and content. Filmmaker further grants MBIFF the right to use clips, stills, one sheets, video and text from the film at the Festival or online for promotional, archival, and other non-commercial uses.
MBIFF has the right but not the obligation to screen submitted work during the MBIFF film program.

Overall Rating
  • How did I not know about this festival before this year?! We had an absolute blast being a part of the MBIFF with our short Plantastic! Jerry, Heather, and the rest of their team are amazing hosts. The attention to detail when it comes to screening quality in the theater was superb. We especially love the community involvement and met some really great people while attending. Thank you so much for having us! Looking forward to next year already!

    June 2022
  • John D. Marshall

    I had a great time at MBIFF; Jerry and Heather do a great job of organizing the festival and putting together a very special lineup of films, including some unique ones you won't find anywhere else. The theater is nice and they take extra care making sure the viewing experience is optimal. Also, the audience is made up of people who clearly love films and are enthusiastic to be there. During the festival, I got to meet some other great filmmakers from across the country. Plus Myrtle Beach is a fantastic destination. I highly recommend.

    June 2022
  • Noreen Lee

    MBIFF was a spectacular experience and is one of the best film festivals to be part of! They support and commit to the true spirit of film. They value filmmakers and make you feel part of their filmmaker family. The filmmakers panel discussion was enjoyable with the audience's enthusiasm and passion to learn. Truly an honor to be a part of this community. I highly recommend submitting and attending to this festival!
    Thank you Jerry, Heather and team for your dedication and hard work for making this a fantastic experience. I look forward to coming back!

    May 2022
  • Alex Morsanutto

    Had a great experience screening OPERATION: CAVITY at MBIFF. The whole community comes out to watch the films and you can tell they are film lovers. The festival itself is a great in-person experience, filmmakers attend to network and the program features films from all over the world, some Oscar-nominated. Jerry and Heather are great organizers and make the filmmakers feel special. I'm looking forward to going back again!

    May 2022
  • Eugene Rocco Utley

    Loved MBIFF!! Constant enthusiasm and support between the community, festival runners, and other filmmakers. Great venue and hospitality, and I highly recommend submitting to and attending this event!

    May 2022