Multiplié Dance Film is an annual dance film competition, presented by DansiT, in collaboration with the wonderful Minimalen Short Film Festival in Trondheim.

Multiplié Dance Film highlights different voices, bodies, and life experiences through a broad range of high quality dance films from all over the world. The competition is based on the unique profile of the Multiplié Dance Festival, which explores and bends the art of dance into new, surprising and exciting forms. Through Multiplié, we seek to challenge preconceptions of what a dance film can be, or look like, and of who can perform and choreograph dance, or create dance films. This is the 10th edition of Multiplié Dance Film.

For the first time in 2022 - Multiplié Dance Film expanded to include a separate Nordic Dance Film competition, in addition to the international competition!

For more info on Minimalen, see:


"Best film" - Multiplié Dance Film - International competition
"Best film" - Multiplié Dance Film - Nordic competition

The winner in each competition will receive EUR 1000 in prize money.

* Max running time: 20 minutes
* Production year: 2023 or 2024
* Types: Dance Film
* Origin, (i.e. main country of production OR Director citizenship)
- Nordic competition: Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland.
- International competition: International (except the Nordic countries)

Overall Rating
  • Alx Productions

    My experience with Multiplié was easy and organised. They were happy to answer questions I might have and be of help where they could.

    February 2024
  • Arttu Peltoniemi

    I could not personally attend the festivall ut all communication was beatifull, and nice. This was a pleasure.

    February 2024
  • Ivy TSUI

    Wonderful experience. Thank you Multiplié Dance Film Festival and DansiT.

    January 2023
  • Christopher Hanany

    A fantastic festival ! Thanks again for your hospitality :-)

    June 2022
  • laida aldaz

    Great to take a part in such a fantastic film festival, staff were very helpful and communication was great. Thanks for having and selected us!

    June 2022