Plié is one of the best known terms in the dance vocabulary. Translated into English it means «to bend». By choosing the name Multiplié, we wish to highlight the festival as an arena for bending the art of dance into new and different forms. Multiplié Dance Film challenges preconceptions of what dance can be and of who can perform and choreograph dance. The goal of Multiplié is to create an arena that brings people together, breaks barriers, challenges and surprises. The aim is to build bridges between communities, cultures, bodies and age groups.

Multiplié Dance Film is a part of Minimalen Short Film Festival.

Awards: "Best film" of the Multiplié dance film program.
The winner receives EUR 1000 in prize money.

Max running time: 20 minutes

Screening copy: For selected films a screening copy must have been received at the Minimalen festival office no later than 2nd of January (address will be distributed to selected films). Masters are not accepted. Format of the screening copy can be DCP, HD file ** or 35 mm film (screening copies will be returned within two weeks after the festival).

In addition to a copy of the film, the application must contain a short project description and a complete list of crew and cast, with CV on the main persons involved, and a still picture.