MovieMaker Production Services provides a budget boost to low to mid-budget independent films by doubling a producer's spend for each dollar invested.

MovieMaker is seeking to partner with producers in active development or pre-production. If you qualify, you may be able to stretch your budget farther than you ever thought it could go.

Here’s the way the program works: A producer makes a cash investment (between $10K and $250K) at the time of enrollment and MovieMaker Production Services doubles that investment in value for virtually any budgetary need.

If $100K is invested into the program, we will negotiate and secure $200K in deals for production necessities such as camera packages, grip & lighting, post production sound and color, and even PR.

Recent MMPS vendors include: Technicolor, Fotokem, Tunnel Post, Galpin Rentals, Location Sound, MPS Studios, Keslow Camera, Timecode Post, 24 Frames, Puget Systems, and many more.

Applications should include Director and/or Producer Bio, Synopsis, Script, Budget, Production Plan and Project Sizzle Reel (if available).

Up to $250,000 in Production Value.

Ideal Criteria for Participation in MovieMaker Production Services program:

—Ideal budget range for participating films is between $100,000 and $1 million. We will work with smaller or larger budgets, but this is the range at which our services can make the most impact on the quality and completion of a film.

—To be eligible a project should be starting principal photography within the next 36 months and the producers must demonstrate that they have at least $25,000 in cash currently in hand for documentary or narrative features, or $10,000 for a short film.

—Projects must be planning on or willing to do at least partial production or post-production in the United States or Canada.

For select films MovieMaker may also offer worldwide distribution through Cinema Libre Studio.

MMPS staff will review each application and greenlight those best suited to the program.

MovieMaker Media LLC retains no rights and exerts no influence on films in the program.