Motif and Maravilla celebrate art created outside the mainstream by independent artists with something to say.

This screening series was created to help bring locally made and ground breaking to the eyeballs and brains of more viewers, and to provide a forum for discussion of both the work and the themes it raises.

The official selections will be screened over the summer, divided into 6 thematic sessions. Screenings will take place once each month (exact dates TBA), outdoor at DUSK in Providence, in the months of April - Oct, 2022. Screenings will be free, with food and drink and popcorn available for purchase.

We will have an audience award, generated at each screening and for the overall series throughout the year. We'll also have judges awards in the form of local gift certificates from sponsors.

The Motif Film Screening Series, presented by Motif Magazine in partnership with Maravilla, announces its open call for documentary or fiction films made in New England , released no later than 2018.

To be eligible, a film must fulfill the following criteria:
- Feature Films must be at least 60 minutes long
- Short films must be less than 25 minutes long
- It must have been shot in New England or while the filmmaker was living in New England
- The film must not have had its world premiere earlier than 2018.

Before submitting a Film, you must be legally capable of acting in the name of the film for the purposes of authorizing Motif and the festival organizers to include and promote the film as part of the screening series.

Your submission does not guarantee it will be selected for screening.

Participating films will be chosen by the selection committee.

Work in progress are also welcome. These films must also be submitted in order to participate in the festival, and identified as in progress.

By submitting a film, you agree to the following, if your film is accepted:
Providing festival organizers with a copy of your film to be screened at the festival (Digital transfer or BluRay)
Providing festival organizers with a synopsis in English and Spanish of your film (we can help with translation if requested).
Providing festival organizers with promotional materials that should include the film's official poster and still images from the film in high resolution.
Granting limited rights to the organizers for the purposes of: screening your film at the festival; using the film’s original title and/or an English translation; using any information related to the Film and all materials you send to the organizer for promoting the film within the context of the festival, or promoting the festival itself.

Make sure to grant access to the Organizers to an online screener of the Film on YouTube, Vimeo or a similar platform (including digital file or BluRay). By doing so, you also grant permission to the organizers to watch the film as part of the selection, programming, and/or promotional-strategy-development processes.

If your Film is selected and you decide to participate in the Showcase, you must fulfill the following requirements by the designated date in the Dates and Deadlines section of this posting:
Deliver one exhibition copy and at least one backup copy (two backup copies are strongly encouraged) of the Film. If sending a physical copy, we recommend you ship via courier in order to allow the organizers to track the package once it leaves your hands.
Backup copies must be delivered in Blu-ray, unless otherwise agreed with the organizers.
Send promotional materials in digital form to the organizers via email, Google Drive or similar: images, official posters, and all other promotional materials you might consider useful.
You must share with the organizers a link to a publicly available online TRAILER of the film, on YouTube, unprotected Vimeo or similar. By doing so, you also grant permission to the organizers to promote such trailer on the festival’s website, Facebook page, and other social media platforms, as part of the Festival’s promotional efforts.

All copies of films that are not in English, (including trailers) MUST have English subtitles

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  • Skip Shea

    Great event! Great atmosphere with a knowedgeable audience. Great fun!

    October 2021