Moovy is a dance film festival. The 5th edition will take place April 16-18 at the Filmforum at the Museum Ludwig in Cologne.

Accepted categories:
- Screendance from North Rhine Westphalia, Germany
- Screendance International Category
- VR dance films

General rules and regulations 2021

Submission of a screendance (dance film, videodance, VR) constitutes acceptance of the Entry Rules & Regulations, please review this document carefully.
The person submitting the film (the applicant) acknowledges that he or she has obtained consent from any and all owners, creators, writers, producers and/or other authorized representatives of the film.
This consent is required to submit the film to Moovy.

1. What is Moovy
Moovy TanzFilmFestival is a dance film festival taking place in Cologne. Dance films are a hybrid of movement and film where choreography develops a relationship between the dancer and camera. Through the synthesis of dance and moving images, specific temporal and spatial structures are created which would not be possible on stage. In video dance, it’s not only the dancer that moves, but also animation technology and electronic image processing. Within each film, surroundings are set into motion either to create an everyday scenario or fictitious world. Moovy aims to create a platform for both local and international artists by presenting non-Western material from partnerships. In addition to the latest films, Moovy will also present classics.

2. Mission
Moovy aims to create a platform for both local and international artists by presenting non-Western material from partnerships.
Dance films should be available not only for the more specialised audience, but also to a broader audience, those who prefer non-commercial movies, the experimental movies, those who are eager to experience different types of movie narratives.
The festival wants to demonstrate; that dance films are a captivating and interesting movie genre and that an audience can be created for it.

3. Objectives
3.1. To encourage the development, research, promotion and dissemination of dance, body movement, film (motion and cinematic narrative), non-verbal language and the resulting synergies.
3.2. To revitalize the participation and involvement of an eclectic audience, not just a dance loving one, but also a film loving one, eager to discover new, different cinematographic narrative, approaching culture thru an attractive proposal.
3.3. To embolden young professionals (both audiovisual and dancers) to carry out new and innovative projects around the dance film (short dance film contest for film/audiovisual schools in collaboration with dance schools).
3.4. Moovy aims to encourage choreographers, dancers, film-makers and digital artists from North Rhine-Westphalia to develop innovative ‘dance film’ projects together. An open call supports this plan. After films are produced from this collaboration, a selection will be chosen for an open call.

4. Dates
Submissions open December 2020 and close end of January 2021. The festival can however make certain exceptions to this rule.
The selected films/artists for the official competition will be notified at the end of January 2021 latest.
The Festival will be held April 16th. -18th. 2021. Following the main event Moovy Cologne - special screenings may be programmed in order to promote the artist’s work and share it with a wider audience. By submitting a film the artist agrees to these special screenings.

5. Submission form
All submissions must be made thru the festival’s official online submission platform FilmFreeway. Curated work does not have to be submitted online.

5.1. Entry fee
Moovy does not charge entry fee.

6. Eligibility criteria
Only films that meet the following conditions may be selected
- screendance projects (dance on screen)
- videodance projects
- films, where dance and cinema coexist to create a unique language
- films, where body and camera movement are fundamental for the plot are also eligible
- all cinematographic and dance genres are welcome (including figure skating, acrobatics, traditional dance, ballroom etc.)
- short films with a running time preferably under 15 minutes. The festival can however make certain exceptions to this rule. Films up to 30 minutes running time are eligible
- there is no production year limit
- films that are not openly published online (youtube, vimeo) are preferred, but this is not a selection criteria. If you have a great movie, we want to screen it, even if it is available online
- VR dance films

7. Selection
Once a film has been selected it cannot be withdrawn from the Festival programme. Complete documentation for each selected film is to be made available latest end of January 2021.

8. Attending the festival
Film selection is not based in the artist’s availability to attend the festival. We invite and encourage all artists to attend Moovy, however we cannot provide travel and accommodation expenses for the 2021 edition.

9. Liability
The director and co-director of Moovy have the power to settle all cases not covered by the present rules and regulations.

10. Participation in Moovy TanzFilmFestival Köln implies acceptance of all the aforementioned rules, regulations and preselection conditions.

Overall Rating
  • Luís Damas

    I loved having participated in the "Moovy Tanzfilm Festival Koln". Having been selected as" Semi - Finalist "with my dance movie" What I want to say, Burn!" was a distinction that gave me a lot of joy. It is a recognized quality festival and showed signs of finding solutions for any eventuality. Thank you!
    Luís Damas

    July 2020
  • Always great to have my work shown in Germany, particularly at an event like Moovy Tanzfilmfestival. Thanks again for showing my work.

    July 2020