For the fifth consecutive year, Moonwatchers - Association for Cinematographic Culture, proposes its Film Festival.

It is very important for us, to preserve the continuity of our Festival and the public projections of the best works we receive.

Focused on the experimental, innovative and visionary short movies, the Festival was largely apreciated during its past editions, both from audience and authors who partecipated with their works.

For the 2022 edition, the Festival wants to raise its offer to the audience, with more entertainment, special guests and great short movies. There will be three cinematographic events in Statte, during which the finalist movies will be projected.


1- Free theme “Moonwatchers” of visionary genre: in this section we seek an original point of view, an innovative idea, a story told in an unusual and pushing way: visionary, in one word. There are no limitations of filmic genre, but we will award a prize to those stories, which will be astonishing for their originality.

2- Theme “ EnvironmentS ”: in the modern era we are questioning ourselves about the future of the biosphere in which we live, from the microscopic domestic habitat, to the entire Gaia.

“MOONWATCHERS” AWARD to the first movie of the relative section;

- “EnvironmentS” AWARD to the first movie of the relative section;

- “GREAT PRIZE MOONWATCHERS FILM FESTIVAL” to the most voted work, chosen by the audience during the festival itself.

- The participation to our Contest is bounded to a contribution of 5,00 euros (6,00 USD) which can be payed via PayPal to our email address:

- The archive sent by e-mail must contain the movie itself and all the documentation required, downloadable from our website: . We recommend to use services like WeTransfer, FileMail, Dropbox or similar. In every case, wait for the confirmation of download, which will be provided by the Association after the download. If you didn’t received the confirmation before the link expiration date (if you used WeTransfer), please send again your work or contact us;

- each work must have a duration of 15 minutes at most, including main titles and credits. We will accept works which exceed of a very little, at our discreption;

- all the works received will be pre-selected from an internal commission, which will appoint those for the final selection;

- the finalist movies will be judged by a Jury composed of professionals in the field of Cinema and cinematographic critics, who will decide the winners;

- authors from other countries who present movies in foreign languages must provide subtitles in a comprehensible Italian language, except for mute or sound-only movies;

- The Jury will assign prizes at its unchallengeable judgment. The “Great Prize” could not be assigned “ex-aequo”. Days and place of projections of the finalist works will be communicated on our web site after the deadline and before July.

- Each contestant can participate with only a short movie. In case of producers, distributors or associations, multiple movies can be presented, designating the director as participant;

- Are admitted to the contest also movies, which have already been rewarded or presented to other contests;

- The application form must be compiled in all of its parts and signed in original. In case of a underage author, it must be signed by a parent or a legal tutor;