The biggest Black Film Festival in Canada


The goal of the Montreal International Black Film Festival (MIBFF) is to bring audiences the most beautiful and the most amazing new Black films, while creating a space to debate major cultural, social and socio-economic issues. The MIBFF wants to promote a different kind of cinema, cinema that hails from here and from abroad and that does not necessarily have the opportunity to grace the big screen, groundbreaking cinema that moves us, that raises awareness and that takes us all by surprise. The MIBFF wants to deal with issues and present works that raise questions, that provoke, that make us smile, that leave us perplexed, that shock us...


The MIBFF is a dynamic, innovative and audacious festival whose ambition is to promote the development of the independent film industry and to showcase more films on the realities of Blacks from around the world. It wants to take a fresh, new look at black cinema from the four corners of the globe!!!


supports the creative process
The MIBFF is always on the lookout for new talent and is focused on serving as a springboard for the creative process. This is why it grants awards, gives workshops, and organizes debate conferences and networking events for all participating professionals.

diversifies the film offering in Canada
The MIBFF wants to diversify the film offering in Canada, thereby helping independent filmmakers conquer new audiences and giving the public access to a wider variety of quality works from both Canadian and foreign filmmakerss.

showcases independent films
The MIBFF aims to showcase independent films from Canada and abroad that deal with the realities of black people. By virtue of the quality of the films screened, the number of countries represented, its growing moviegoer base, the interest of the public and of the artistic community in the Festival, its international media coverage, its networking activities, its bilingualism (French and English) and its geographic position (Montreal), the MIBFF can boast being the largest festival in Canada dedicated entirely to screening films on the realities of blacks from the four corners of the globe.

holds activities all year long
The MIBFF wants to give the public access to Canadian and foreign filmmakers and their works all year long through film screenings, debates, round tables, workshops, etc., with an eye to facilitating the exchange of ideas, broadening people’s knowledge, bringing new films to the public and helping viewers get a better understanding of these films. The Festival also wants to help filmmakers conquer new audiences.

operates in French and in English
The MIBFF screens films and holds activities in the two official languages of Canada: English and French. Its documents, promotional and interpretative materials are also bilingual. However, in certain cases, some films are presented in either English or French only.

Each year a trophy made by a local glass artist is given to best film in each categories including trophies for Humanitarian award, Career achievement award and Life time achievement award.

In the past celebrities like Harry Belafonte, Stedman Graham, Dany Glover, Spike Lee, Martin Luther king 111 were in Montreal to accept there award.

Film must be in english or french or original language with french or english subtitles.
Films must be about Black realities from around the world or showcasing Black actors

Follow this link for the Festival's Rules & Regulations.

Overall Rating
  • Emily McCann Lesser

    From Writer/Director of The Black Disquisition, Quincy Ledbetter: Clear communication and passion for film and filmmakers is important for a good festival and the Montreal International Black Film Festival had both. Unfortunately, we were not able to attend in person, but we were still kept in the loop and felt included. I will say, however, that an in-person experience is probably the best way to participate fully in this festival, as there were not that many virtual events held. The fact remains, however, that we had a great experience and are so honored to be selected. We'll definitely be submitting again and again and again!

    October 2021
  • Al'Ikens Plancher

    2021 was a hybrid online/in person, but they did a great job in keeping us all in the know. communication was exceptional exceptional exceptional!

    October 2021
  • Jaskaran Gill

    Absolutely incredible experience. The festival organizers communicated with us every step of the way. They also promoted our film on their Instagram page, which gave us more exposure. Although we were not able to attend in person, we are thrilled that our short film, 'The English Teacher', was accepted. Thank you MIBFF! Keep up the great work.

    October 2021
  • Victor Dean

    Amazing experience, thanks for giving us the opportunity to take part in the Montreal International Black Film Festival. I can't wait to fly out and attend in person.

    October 2021
  • Honored to have had "Cracked" screen as an official selection at MIBFF! Thank You SO Much for such an Incredible Experience!

    October 2021