With this festival we give a platform to the peculiar in this world. What this means in particular is the cinematic confrontation with everyday actions, rituals, images and circumstances that are questioned and brought into new contexts. In concrete terms, once a year the Monstrale wants to place a level of artistic and cinematic creation at the centre of the viewing that the viewer can only imagine with difficulty or not at all. Monstrale is, so to speak, a search for meaning beyond, or even with the everyday, the strange and even the abstruse and their most diverse variations and appearances. Although the name sounds like monsters, mummies and mutations, this expectation is certainly not fulfilled in an artificial kitsch/horror sense but in the image of the monster on a completely different level, that of the consciously made imagination.

The festival has 3 competition sections, "International Shortfilm", "Shortdocs" (documentary shorts) and "Wild Worlds" (films for children aged 9 and over). There are also some curated shortfilm programs (country focus, theme program and others).

In 2024, the country focus will be Spain and will deal with historical and current short filmmaking. Discussions and panels will also take place as part of the Focus programme.

The theme of this year's curated programme is "Space", with films on all aspects of the theme, followed by a panel discussion on cinematic imaginings "space" in all their expressions and meanings.

international shortfilm competition:
first prize: 1200,- €
second prize: 900,- €
third prize: 700,- €

Shortdocs (short documentary competition)
first prize: 1200,- €
second prize: 900,- €
third prize: 700,- €

Wild Worlds (films for children competition)
first prize: 1200,- €
second prize: 900,- €
third prize: 700,- €

By giving their digital consent, the participants declare their agreement with the present regulations of the festival.

The Short Film Festival will take place in Halle (Saale). The artistic director will be appointed by the organiser. The organiser is Plan 3 e.V.

Competition formats:

International competition:
Film and video productions with a maximum length of 15 minutes are admitted. Films from the fields of fiction, animation, experimental or virtual reality that are not older than 2 years can be submitted.

Film and video productions with a maximum length of 22 minutes are eligible for the Short Documentary Competition. Films from the fields of documentary, animadoc or virtual reality that are not older than 2 years can be submitted.

Wild Worlds (film productions for children aged 9 and over)
Film and video productions with a maximum length of 15 minutes are eligible for the Wild Worlds Competition. Films from the fields of fiction, animation or experimental that are not older than 2 years can be submitted.

The following documents must be enclosed with the application: viewing video, scene photos and press material. These must be submitted digitally via the festival's submission portals or sent by e-mail to monstronalefestival@googlemail.com. The submission deadline can be found on the respective submission portals or on the festival website.

The film submission is digital. The following formats are accepted as screening copy: Quick-Time as well as mp4 files in good quality. The screening copy must be in one of the following formats: Pro Res or mp4 in high quality.

If the films are not in German or English, a version with subtitles in English must be submitted.

The submitted screening materials will remain in the archive of the Monstrale Film Office. The forwarding of screening copies/viewing screening materials to other German festivals will not be accepted.

The films shown may be used in excerpts by the festival organisation for its journalistic promotion, presentation and exploitation on the internet, radio and television (regardless of the type of transmission), cinema, press, internet, video, DVD and all known digital storage media.

The organiser reserves the right to show the selected competition films within public cinema programmes in cinemas as compilations outside the festival. This does not result in an obligation to pay for the cinematic works shown.

The films will be made available to the Festival free of charge.

The festival will take place in a hybrid version until further notice. The selected films will be shown both in the cinema and online on the Filmchief platform of the Monstrale. The organiser undertakes to set up the online version of the festival in accordance with the filmmakers' respective requirements regarding the security and visibility of the film contributions. He assures that the films cannot be copied or otherwise downloaded within the online programmes. In addition, the films will only be made available online for a certain period of time.

By agreeing to these regulations, each participant assures that he/she is the sole author - in the case of teams: co-author - of the submitted contribution and that he/she may freely dispose of all copyrights and rights of use to the contribution alone or together with the signing co-authors.

The participants warrant that the persons depicted and the owners of the works depicted have granted them all necessary rights for reproduction and distribution within the framework of the competition and its journalistic exploitation. Each participant warrants that the submitted entry is free from third party rights and that he/she indemnifies the organisers of the competition against all claims asserted against the organisers by third parties on the basis of copyright and rights of use in the entry. In the case of teams, the signature of the representative shall be binding for all team members; teams shall be jointly and severally liable.

The organisers of the Short Film Festival Monstrale accept no liability in the event of damaged or non-receipt of a film or non- registration or other technical inadequacies, whatever the reasons may be. Furthermore, they accept no responsibility whatsoever in the event of disruption of the festival by third parties or force majeure.

Registration of a film or video implies acceptance of the regulations. The binding version of the regulations is the English version.

Overall Rating
  • Christopher Kaufmann

    Die Monstrale ist ein ganz tolles Festival! Danke für die Gastfreundschaft und das schöne Screening!Gerne wieder

    October 2023
  • Alina Cyranek

    I've known this festival for several years now, and I am deeply impressed by the quality and variety of the programm. Looking forward to next year!

    April 2019
  • James Mileham

    A fantastic festival, organised brilliantly put on by some wonderful people.

    April 2019
  • I had the chance won the short doc competition but unfortunately I couldn't attempt the festival. The communication went very well, fast and kind. They really try to help you to come to live the festival in person. So apply and go it sounds amazing!

    April 2018
  • A very god communication and always fast to respond about questions. A very openminded people and professional organization. Thanks!

    May 2017