The 2nd Monaco Streaming Film Festival, an annual international film festival held in Monte-Carlo, Monaco follows on from the success of the 1st Monaco Streaming Film Festival founded in 2021. The Festival is supported by The Reg Grundy Family. The first edition of the Monaco Streaming Film Festival was held in 2021 from July 3rd to July 6th at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco.

The Streaming Film Festival is a hybrid Festival experience, celebrating the global film and content streaming industry, the producers, creators and talent; providing film and content production industry inside know-how. The Festival celebrates film and inclusive and diverse content making from all over the world.

The Festival was created as an environment for the streaming platforms, producers, creators, distributors, sales and the technology providers behind OTT to meet, plan, celebrate and network. The Festival includes industry keynote presentations and panel discussions on the successes, opportunities and future of streaming and on-demand content and distribution.

The Festival Hosts the following sections:
- Film & Content Premieres: The festival hosts a number of films, content screenings and premieres.
- Award Competition:
The festival celebrates successes and innovation in the world of On-Demand and Streaming Content, in Film, Short-Content and Social Media Content.
- Film and Content Market:
The Festival identifies some of the best and most innovative content from across the globe. Distributors, sales agents and direct to platform acquisition teams at The Festival searching for the best original on-demand OTT content.
- Masterclasses:
The Festival promotes knowledge, direction and networking for experienced and new content producers seeking to better understand the opportunities and overcome the challenges for producing content for the new OTT paradigm.
- Conferences:
The Festival's conference events showcase the latest news and insights from the thought-leaders of the streaming industry. These presentations will guide and motivate the experienced and the new film and content maker.

Reg Grundy Innovation Award
Best Actor Award
Best Short Film Award
Best Documentary Award
Best Documentary Series Award
Best Soundtrack Award
Best Emerging Talent Award
Best Creative Content Award
Best Emerging Influencer Award
Best Art Director Award
Best Motion Picture Award
Outstanding Contribution Award
Outstanding Impact Award
Lifetime Achievement Award

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Overall Rating
  • Efemia Fard

    As a writer and director, I was extremely flattered to have my film Supreme Court selected and screened at your wonderful festival!

    July 2022
  • It's an interesting film festival where filmmakers whose movies are screened are not even invited to their own screening. Not even a thank you note was delivered, nor was a program for the film they have contributed to their lineup. It is not enough for the work and resources one has put into a film project.

    I mean, how can one expect more for something that is free?

    Now, they are asking for approval to add your film to an AVOD package for international broadcast without any formal recognition or invitation. Happy for my film to be screened, but No thanks.

    June 2022
  • Leon Mitchell

    This was a wonderful festival to be part of. Very professional, modern and relevant! Thank's for screening our film. Cinalight Studios.

    June 2022
  • A beautiful Festival that one day I will be there. Thank you for the official selection of "The Stillness the Kiss and the flower". It was an honor to participate.

    June 2022
  • Bruno BarrĂ©

    Aucune communication concernant le programme des courts-metrages.

    June 2022