Mockfest Film Festival is the 12 year running comedy event, taking place in Hollywood, CA. We celebrate the craft of comedy from all angles, from family friendly to dark and gritty and everything in-between! Our goal is to honor the legends who have crafted and molded the genre into what it has become today and showcase the amazing and unsung talent of tomorrow!

We present everything from films, to sketch comedy to screenplays and even music videos, designed to delight and put the widest of smiles on the faces of audiences from all over the world. Submit your work today and join us for a festival 12 years in the making!

(1) Entries must be sent via Secure Online Screener.

(2) Films can be tied to a DOMESTIC DISTRIBUTION DEAL.

(3) Participants agree that their film or clips from it and all other material related to their project may be used and/or published in the event program, Mockfest web site and for any promotional purposes which Mockfest deems appropriate.

(4) No viewing tapes and/or promotional materials will be returned to the filmmaker.

(5) If selected, all commercial/private property including all trademark/copyrighted materials shown or recorded on the project is the responsibility of the filmmaker. Mockfest will NOT take responsibility for any infringement of copy written materials.

(6) The cost of delivery and pick-up of all materials is the responsibility of the filmmaker.

(7) Mockfest holds no responsibility for lost or damaged prints. While the utmost care will be taken with regard to prints, it is solely up to the filmmaker to take full responsibility (i.e. insurance). Mockfest, its officers, directors, volunteers and sponsors are held harmless by filmmaker for all claims financial or otherwise and from any damage to the print in route or otherwise during the course of the Festival's possession of the film; Films submitted may not be subject to any litigation nor threatened by any litigation.

(8) By submitting an entry, filmmaker states that he or she is responsible as an agent to promote the film and that the film is an original work.