Welcome to the Mobile Movie Maker submission page hosted by FilmFreeway. Here you can submit your film and fill out our application to be considered for the Mobile Move Makers Youth Film Competition and Festival. Please choose one of the following categories to the right and follow the steps to complete your application.

Mobile Movie Makers Youth Film Competition & Festival (M3) continues to support our budding young filmmakers and content creators during this time of uncertainty due to Covid-19. Although our planning and preparation for the 2020 film festival and competition has been postponed for fall 2021, we are excited to share with you our virtual, “Stay at Home” Mobile Movie Film Competition & Festival for middle and high school students.

If you have questions, check our FAQ to see if it's been answered.

The films are chosen by a hand selected jury of youth and adults who rate all entries for originality, entertainment value, production value, and the message portrayed. There will be three rounds of judging & a single winner chosen from each genre.


Q: Do I have to edit on my phone?
A: No, you are only required to shoot on a mobile device, but can edit from a tablet, computer, etc.

Q: Can an adult help shoot my submission?
A: An Adult may assist but the core members of the team should be hands on leads for pre and post production.

A: Yes, you can

Q: How Do I upload my film to FilmFreeway?
A: When you fill out the application, you will be asked to upload your file to FilmFreeway. You can also share a link from third party sites such as youtube or vimeo.

Q: Can I compete in two different genres for mobile movie??
A: Yes, you can choose different genres and enter multiple times.

Q: How many people can be in a film?
A: You can have up to three people in the film who will receive credit. However you are allowed to have several people in your film.

Q: Is it okay to have blood and gore if my film calls for it? Will it still be considered PG?
A: Yes, as long as blood and gore are deemed necessary elements by our judges

Q: How do I upload my video to send to Mobile Movie Makers?
A: Click the category for your film and follow the steps to fill out the application

Q: How old do you need to be to submit to M3?
A: You must be in middle or high school

A: How Long can my film be?
Q: Mobile Movie Makers will accept films Up to 5 minutes long. Songbuilders submissions must not exceed 4 minutes.

Q: Once I've submitted my film, how will I know it's been recieved?
A: You will receive a confirmation e-mail from Mobile Movie Makers letting you know we have received your film

Q: Will I be notified if my film has advanced in the competition?
A: Yes, you will receive an update from M3 if your film has advanced to the next round. If you do not receive an e-mail saying your film has been selected by the posted deadlines, than your film was not selected.

Things to keep in mind for Film submissions:

* Finalists will be chosen in each category
* All movies must be PG or G (Judges will determine if movie is appropriate)
* Individuals or a maximum of three students can participate on a team
* Breakdown of video requirements: credits (ending credits), storyline (judges must see a beginning, middle and end to each film), A cast (even if it’s one person)
* MUST be created, edited and shot ONLY on a cell phone (anything else will be an automatic disqualification)
* No graphic violence
* No stand-up comedy or music videos
* Three rounds of judging & three winners chosen from each genre

Things to Keep in Mind for Song Builders Competition:

*Video projects should feature your music making process in an engaging way. Be creative & entertaining
* Record yourself on a mobile device making a beat, track or song (the video can include a visual performance or story telling and MUST include at least 30 seconds of music creation footage)
* NO MUSIC VIDEOS & NO explicit lyrics
* Keep visual images PG and G rated
* Your video should NOT exceed 4 minutes in length
* You can work with an unlimited participant number, however there can ONLY be one to three main group members
* Your video and music must be filmed on your mobile device
* You are CAN NOT pair with a film group and judged solo for the music category
* Categories include: Original Song & Cover Song
* Three winners selected from each category