Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 in early January 2020, global efforts in containing the virus have been widely documented by mobile users around the world. To enhance joint efforts in containing the virus, we organize an online international mobile documentary competition.

Themes: The competition has, but not limited to, the following three suggested themes: (a) connections (with a special focus on connecting people, expertise and resources although physically distanced during the virus outbreak), (b) collaborations (with a special focus on collaboration processes on different fronts in containing the virus), and (c) contributions (with a special focus on achievements and progress in containing the virus locally, nationally or globally). Other suggested themes could include nurses stories, doctor stories, patients stories, patients’ family stories, or city stories in containing COVID-19.

Outstanding Mobile Documentary Awards (5)
Certificates + showcase on our social media
Excellent Mobile Documentary Awards (20)
Certificates + showcase on our social media

Your mobile documentary must be kept within 10 minutes. It should be original, shot and edited with a smartphone, with English subtitles, with a compelling theme, and strong interwoven storytelling elements. It should be presented in landscape NOT portrait. If any story elements used from other sources, permission for re-use should be obtained from the original creators. Finally, make sure everything is truthful and cleared by you before you submit it to us for the competition.