Hapa Mag was launched in 2017 as a space for people of mixed Asian/Pacific Islander ancestry to be seen and heard. We believe to be Hapa is to be part of a diverse and growing community with many perspectives. Since our launch, we were listed as one of three online publications in the 2020 Nielsen Report on Asian Americans.

In 2021, we made the decision to move to a broader future by re-naming ourselves Mixed Asian Media (MAM). In celebration of this re-identification, we present the first annual Mixed Asian Media Fest (MAM Fest), a glimpse of mixed Asian and Pacific Islanders in creative art forms, including but not limited to: film, theater, art, dance, and more.

In light of the current times, MAM Fest will be an online event, but we are hopeful that future years will allow us to meet in person and in physical spaces.

Most Impactful for the Mixed Asian Community (Grand Jury Award)

Best Narrative Feature Film

Best Narrative Short Film

Best Feature Documentary

Best Short Documentary

Best New Media

Best Theatrical Feature

Best Theatrical Short

General rules and terms and conditions for the film fest that applicants need to agree to:

At least one person of Mixed Asian or Pacific Islander descent must be part of the creative team, producing team, and/or cast.

Films, theatrical performance, and new media pieces are eligible if created, published, and/or distributed within the last two years.

All submissions to the specific categories are eligible for awards above ie: a Mixed Asian or Pacific Islander director will not be favored over a Mixed Asian or Pacific Islander producer for the Best Narrative Feature Film

Tickets will be globally available. We cannot guarantee the geo-blocking of accepted submissions.

Overall Rating
  • I did the virtual version of the festival and it was well done. I loved the other films and felt part of the community. Communication with the team was very good. Would enter again!

    September 2022
  • Justin Woo

    This was a fully online festival, but the organizers went out of their way to create a positive atmosphere, camaraderie, and online hangout spaces. I can't wait to get involved next year!

    September 2021