Mindfield Film Festival - Albuquerque, is a brand new addition to the Mindfield Festival circuit.
Albuquerque has a thriving film community that shines bright in the sunny Land of Enchantment.

Mindfield - Albuquerque showcases: Features, Shorts, and Music videos by filmmakers from around the world.
We celebrate and support Independent, new, and Alternative filmmakers; not just during our annual Film Festival but throughout the year with our bi-monthly online competitions.

Winners of our bi-monthly online competition will automatically be considered to be in the official selection of our annual festival.

Mindfield aims to show the very best in new independent cinema and to give filmmakers a place to show their work to people who appreciate it.

Each month we give filmmakers the opportunity to submit their latest work and compete with others.

Each monthly winner will automatically be considered to be screened at our annual Film Festival. Every winner will get a digital laurel and has the option to purchase a trophy.

Our annual Festival will screen selected winning movies of our bi-monthly competition.

All the movies screened will compete with each other, the winners will be announced at the awards ceremony.

Festival Dates:
AUGUST 25TH - 26TH 2018

The Guild Cinema - Albuquerque
3405 Central Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106, USA

Awards & Prizes

- Best Feature Film
- Best Documentary Feature
- Best Short Film
- Best Student Film
- Best New Mexico Film
- Best Documentary Short
- Best Director
- Best Screenplay
- Best Actor
- Best Actress
- Best Music Video
- Best Trailer
- Best Score
- Best Cinematography
- Best Sound Design

Rules & Terms

· Entries must be in English or - Subtitled, dubbed in English.
· Every submission has to pick one main category.
· Multiple entries are allowed for each filmmaker and each entry may be entered in multiple categories.
· All entries should be sent via FilmFreeway. Please don't send discs or any downloadable files to us.
· Works in progress are accepted.
· Entries will not be returned.
· Entry fees are non-refundable

29 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Andy Galloway

    The Mindfield Film Festival - Albuquerque was a very good festival. The staff did not hesitate to communicate and elevate. Advice offered was welcome and sound. The only limitation of this Festival was the networking that could have been done. Great festival

    December 2017
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    Thank you Mindfield Film Festival for giving award to our movie ENI.
    From the date of submission, your communication was excellent.
    We hope to submit more to your platform. Thanks again.

    December 2017
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    ken fanning

    Excellent festival with an amazing communication! Also this festival really cares about diversity in filmbusiness which really is important! Thanks for everything.

    December 2017
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    Christophe Karabache

    A very high competition! Amazing communication, I recommend it!

    December 2017
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    Terez Koncz

    Great communication, super cool location! Thank you so much for your attention and understanding towards our film!

    December 2017