Welcome to the Milano Design Film Festival!

Our annual event takes place in October, in the heart of one of Milan's liveliest design and fashion districts.

This year MDFF has decided to promote a biennial Architecture Film Award (AFA) with a total prize value of € 4,500.

In collaboration with Fondazione dell’Ordine degli Architetti P.P.C della provincia di Milano (FOAM), the Milano Design Film Festival (MDFF) promotes and supports the annual International Architecture Film Award for films on the subjects of architecture and landscape. The films may be fiction, documentaries, feature films, or short films. The purpose of the Award is to encourage the production of cinematographic works on these subjects, and to encourage and motivate architects in the use of audiovisual language as a means of communication.

For films (medium-length and feature films) about ancient, modern and contemporary architecture
Prize: € 3,000

for audio-visual projects (short films) commissioned by architecture firms to promote their projectss.
Prize: € 1,500

The Festival will also have an Out of Competition section in which works that are considered of interest by the jury, but which are not eligible to compete for the prize, will be screened.

Terms and conditions for partecipation

In order to participate it is necessary to fill in the form with your data on

The required materials are:

1. Digital file of the work (.mov/.mp4.)
2. Four high resolution photos taken from the work (tif/300dpi, jpg/72dpi)
3. Synopsis, complete movie information sheet. (title, director, country, year, running time, language, available subtitles, file formats)
4. Director Biography including Filmography
5. Director high resolution portrait photo (tif/300dpi)
6. Film poster (tif/300dpi, jpg/72dpi), if available
7. Trailer (.mov/.mp4), if available

The total zip/rar file size should not exceed 2 GB.

We will accept the submissions only upon the payment of the 5€ admission fee.

Films must be in the original language, with subtitles in English. Subtitles in other languages are optional.

Requirements for participation

Participation is open to persons over 21 years of age of any nationality. Their works must have been carried out during the 2019-2021 two-year period. The Award is open to film projects dedicated to architecture in its broadest terms, ranging from interior design to urban building and landscape planning. The films may focus on aspects of actual or imagined structures that relate purely to architecture, and to aspects that bring in other fields, such as art, music, theatre, literature and technology. Films may be nominated for participation by directors, clients, and producers. Works submitted by anyone other than their directors must be accompanied by a declaration of assent to participation given by their designers. In the case of collective works, a single nominee is to be referred to the secretariat.

Reasons for exclusion

The following are excluded from participation: actual or alternate members of the jury,
members of the Award secretariat, their spouses and their relatives up to the third degree of kinship, their employees and associates, those with whom they have a continual and well-known association, even if informal, and those who participated in drafting the Award announcement or in organising the event. It is not allowed to submit films screened on the previous editions of MDFF.