Welcome to the Milano Design Film Festival!

The Milano Design Film Festival is a cultural platform that, through the language of film, aims to bring the general public closer to the most contemporary concepts of design and architecture. The MDFF annual appointment – held in different venues in Milan at the end of November – showcases films by designers, and films on design by filmmakers and artists, exploring new tendencies and broadening the context and meanings of design and design research in the fields of consumption, care, social organisation, information and future industries.

The MDFF international programme is composed of curated sections and open submissions sections. The call to submit new films is now open

- MDFF22 Official Selection
- AFA – Architecture Film Award


The MDFF22 Official Selection presents an international programme with the best and the newest design-related film productions.

Milano Design Film Festival has opened a worldwide call and offers the opportunity to designers, independent filmmakers and production and distribution companies to submit their works.

Your film can be a documentary, a short film, an art video or a feature film that explores themes related to architecture and design in their broadest aspects and meanings, as well as designers’ films intended as prototypes, research, presentations. The 10 selected films will be screened during the festival from 22-26 November 2022 as part of the Official Selection.
There is no restriction on duration, content, theme or genre, however it is mandatory to submit works completed during the last three years. Italian premières are truly welcome.

An administration fee of € 5 will be charged for each submission (payable in conjunction with the submission process via PayPal).

Please note that it is possible to submit the rough cut, ensuring implementation by the end of September (unpublished works only).

The deadline for submitting the films is 27 September 2022.


Milano Design Film Festival organises Premio AFA – Architecture Film Award in collaboration with Fondazione dell’Ordine degli Architetti P.P.C of the Province of Milan (FOAM), aimed at promoting films about architecture and landscape.

The films may be fiction, documentaries, art videos, feature films, or short films, unreleased in Italy. The purpose of the Award is to explore the overlaps between architecture and filmmaking, promoting new ways of experiencing space and places, and encouraging and motivating architects in the use of audio-visual language as a means of communication.

The AFA is divided in two categories:

For films (medium-length and feature films) about ancient, modern and contemporary architecture
Prize: € 3,000

For short films commissioned by architects to promote their projects.
Prize: € 1,500

Ten shortlisted films will be screened during the festival 22-26 November 2022.

The deadline for submitting the films is 27 September 2022.

Terms and conditions for participation

In order to participate it is necessary to fill in the form with your data on

1. The completed form A at the web address www.milanodesignfilmfestival.com , with consent
to the use of personal data and of the work for the purpose of promoting and supporting the
2. Digital file of the work (documentary clip or promotional short film) in the following formats:
.mov; .mp4.
3. Four high resolution photos taken from the work (tif/300dpi, jpg/72dpi)
4. Synopsis, complete movie information sheet. (title, director, country, year, running time,
language, available subtitles, file formats)
5. Director’s Biography including Filmography
6. Director’s high resolution portrait photo (tif/300dpi)
7. Film poster (tif/300dpi, jpg/72dpi), if available
8. Trailer (.mov/.mp4), if available

The total zip/rar file size should not exceed 2 GB.
We will accept the submissions only upon the payment of the € 5 admission fee.
Films must be in the original language, with subtitles in English. Subtitles in other languages are optional.
Requirements for participation
Participation is open to persons over 21 years of age of any nationality. Their works must have been completed during 2020-2022 and must be unreleased in Italy. The Award is open to film projects dedicated to architecture in its broadest terms, ranging from interior design to urban building and landscape planning. The films may focus on aspects of actual or imagined structures that relate purely to architecture, and to aspects that bring in other fields, such as art, music, theatre, literature and technology, furthermore involving the world of food, environment and sustainability, pharmaceuticals and mobility, graphic design, and fashion. Films may be nominated for participation by directors, clients, and producers. Works submitted by anyone other than their directors must be accompanied by a declaration of assent to participation given by their designers. In the case of collective works, a single nominee is to be referred to the secretariat.
Reasons for exclusion
The following are excluded from participation: actual or alternate members of the jury,
members of the Award secretariat, their spouses and their relatives up to the third degree of kinship, their employees and associates, those with whom they have a continual and well-known association, even if informal, and those who participated in drafting the Award announcement or in organising the event. It is not allowed to submit films screened during the previous editions of MDFF.

Overall Rating
  • Un evento di grande importanza a Milano, e conosciuto nel mondo, presentato quest'anno alla Triennale, con proiezioni al cinema Anteo, punto di riferimento per il cinema di qualità in città, e in altre location che legano gli appuntamenti in sala a vari quartieri. È stato un onore partecipare.

    December 2022
  • The La Claridad team was honored to be included in this amazing festival. We thought we were a good fit and we're glad they did too.

    November 2022