This is an exclusive award ceremony, specially catered to the independent filmmaker. Brought to you by the Independent Film Connection Market (IFCM), to assist and promote the visionaries and talents of some of today's brightest filmmakers. This ceremony is ONLY for the independent filmmaker, no films that have been produced by or distributed by any major production or studio company. It is made to help catapult the filmmaker, their projects; but most importantly their talents.

The event will be held at a Hollywood landmark. It will be filmed and possibly televised.

The ceremony will be showcased similar to what any film award ceremony is (i.e. OSCARS, Emmys, Golden Globes, etc.). With a special celebrity host, it's an event to be remembered.

The Mila Awards are a beautiful custom statuette trophy, engraved with the winning names along with stating the Mila Awards 2015.

Three top prizes will also be granted monetary prize TBD.
Best Feature
Best Short
Best Student Short

Here are the additional following categories:
Best Feature Drama | Best Feature Comedy or Musical | Best Feature Horror or Suspense | Best Feature Sci-Fi, Supernatural, Fantasy | Best Feature Animation | Best Feature Documentary
Non-Student Short:
Non-Student Short Drama | Non-Student Short Comedy or Musical |Non-Student Short Horror or Suspense | Non-Student Short Sci-Fi, Supernatural, Fantasy | Non-Student Short Animation | Non-Student Short Documentary
Student Short:
Student Short Drama | Student Short Comedy or Musical |Student Short Horror or Suspense | Student Short Sci-Fi, Supernatural, Fantasy | Student Short Animation | Student Short Documentary

The following sub-categories are under each overall features, non-student short, and student short films.
Best Director | Best Actor | Best Actress | Best Original Screenplay | Best Cinematography | Best Editing | Best Sound |Best Visual Effects |Best Original Song | Best Original Score | Best Hair and Make-Up

Films that are submitted, must have been completed within the 2014 year. ALL PROJECTS must have been produced independently. This includes small (aka boutique sized) independent film production companies. This is an award ceremony showcasing and celebrating the independent filmmaker.

Films that have received any monetary assistance or distribution assistance from any major or majorly recognized production company or studio, will not be accepted.

Student Filmmakers are welcomed to submitted their projects. Students may submit projects that have been film and produced during the time or enrollment for an actual class that is a part of an accredited college and or university that offers a film program for certificate or diploma. All major roles working on the student film, must be students or non-professional individuals in the film industry. The only exception to that rule is for the actors/actress, they can be professional actors/actresses.

Sub-Category - These categories are optional but encouraged. You may add the sub-category to your film that has already be added (at any time) or at the same time that you submit the project. Sub-Category cannot be sent in on or as a stand alone submission. Meaning, you cannot submit your film to be nominated for best director (or any sub-category) without your film being submitted in one of the major categories (any of the feature, non-student short or student short).

Each film received will be reviewed and judged by our industry panel. Ballots will go out to our panel of judges for voting. Ballots will be tallied and all will be notified as to who has been nominated for a Mila Award. Winners will be announced at the award ceremony.