"Man was born free, and he is everywhere in chains."
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

9th MikroFAF - International festival of DIY and independent short film

Amateur film is an indispensable part of the history of cinema. With the advent and availability of digital technology and social media it is now conquering new spaces and developing in many new and exciting ways. MikroFAF - Micro-Festival of Amateur Film, established in 2009, serves as a platform that closely follows the dynamic development of non-professional creativity.

MikroFAF encourages the exchange of experiences between all enthusiasts who express themselves in the language of film and do not hesitate to experiment and self-educate in the sphere of film, reinforcing this alternative creative power of film culture. This year, we provide the opportunity for film enthusiasts from around the world to showcase their short films, compete for a variety of awards and grasp the nettle of non-profit creation, fuelled by pure love for cinema.

If you are such a film enthusiast, your task is to apply to the festival with your short fiction, animated, experimental or documentary film, while our task is to ensure that fresh ideas, new talent and authentic views of the world get due attention.

We invite DIY authors of all ages and professional backgrounds to submit their short films to the 9th edition of international short film festival MikroFAF, organised by Satibara Association. This three-day festival will be held in the beginning of October, at the Museum of Yugoslav Film Archive in Belgrade / Serbia.

The categories you can sign up for are:

1. Short DIY Film. It refers to movies of all genres (fiction, documentary, animated, experimental...) and production techniques, made in non-professional circumstances, without the involvement of film professionals and without professional obligations during or after the production.

2. Independent Short Film. It refers to film makers that do not correspond to DIY criteria, who work in independent production, without commercial intentions and pressures of the producers.

3. Caged Film. This year the special category was inspired by the upsetting scenes of people who wanted to break free from the cages they had lived in, only to be caged again on their way to desired freedom. We want this category to highlight films that deal with cages and bars, both around and within ourselves. People do not flee from war or political cages only; many also try to break psychological slavery or creative blockades. We are interested in your films dealing with these topics, regardless their genre approach.

Good luck!

Yours, MikroFAF

Mikropolis Prizes - handmade statuettes - will be given by a three-member jury consisting of renowned artists from various areas of the arts.

1. Acceptable duration of short films is up to 15 minutes.
2. A maximum of three works can be submitted by each author.
3. There are no restrictions on the country of origin of the author.
4. Films that are not in Serbo-Croatian or English must have a translation (in one of the two languages mentioned).

Notes: Once entered, it is not possible to withdraw your film from the festival. The festival reserves the right to show the film several times as part of the selection of the festival program, as well as the use of clips or stills from the film for promotional purposes. Authors will be informed about any such actions.

Overall Rating
  • Zlila Helman

    I have only good words for the MikroFAF team- the connection with Maria Rodic was so effective and devoted to the mutual target- giving the filmmakers the opportunity to have a voice and to say what really matters for all of us as humankind's. Thank you.

    October 2018
    Response from festival:

    Dear Zlila,
    Thank you for sharing your impressions.
    Keep filming and fighting!

  • Nastas Krnjaja

    It was very creative and interesting to watch all movies on festival! The festival did the good job.

    October 2018
  • Nika Belianina

    It was nice being selected by the festival and to receive the updates. Couldn't attend in person, sadly.

    October 2018
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for your comment, we appreciate it.


    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your notice that my film is OFFICIAL SELESTION for the competiotion – I am very glad about it. I wish success to the wonderful festival!
    Thank you Festival Team. Great team, excellent communication.
    Best regards

    Maribor, Slovenia

    October 2018
  • Anna Šagadin

    The festival’s organizers were amazing and made an extra effort to reach out to me due to me missing the e-mails. It all went smoothly and communication was great. Would highly recommend this festival!

    October 2018