The Midsummer Scream Halloween Festival packs all the thrills, scares, and fun of October into one summer weekend. Dozens of haunt and Halloween themed attractions, including walk thru mazes, horror themed VR experiences and escape rooms, and immersive theatre, along with over three stages featuring panels, presentations, and performances from Southern California's biggest theme parks and names in dark entertainment!

The HorrorBuzz "Screaming Room" features a carefully curated mix of film programming blocks with terrifying creations to cater to every taste, and an especially keen interest in supporting the indie horror and beginning filmmaker communities.

We're seeking a variety of films that celebrate Halloween and the spirit of horror to fill potential programming blocks including animated and family friendly shorts, "creepy pasta"/urban legend inspired tales, comedic horror, extreme horror, and, new for 2018, LGBTQ themed horror!

**Only submit films that fall into the horror genre or are featured around Halloween.**

In addition to an amazing lineup of films submitted specifically for Midsummer Scream, the 2017 Screaming Room included presentations from Buzzfeed Unsolved, an exclusive video presentation of favorite clips from "Trick R Treat" by writer/director Michael Dougherty, and a shorts block from the Etheria Film Fest. For 2018, even bigger surprises await - submit your film for a chance to be part of it!

Categories and prizes to be announced soon!

Two weekend passes to Midsummer Scream (July 28 and 29, 2018) will be provided to the creators of each accepted project.

Submitted films or video (hereafter referred to as "the project") must be 15 minutes or less in length. In an effort to include as many films as possible, shorter films will be given higher consideration.

Submitter agrees to take all responsibility for obtaining any and all rights and permissions for screening the project at Midsummer Scream.

By submitting the project, you agree to provide Midsummer Scream and its agent with a non-exclusive right to screen the project at Midsummer Scream on July 28 and 29, 2018 in front of an audience. If accepted, filmmaker allows Midsummer Scream to use clips and images of their film in promotions.

Overall Rating
  • Miguel Ortega

    great festival! Nice people. Highly recommended

    August 2017
  • Mitchell Slan

    Horrorbuzz and Midsummer did an EXCELLENT job providing everything needed to showcase our films. Great audio, screen, and venue. "Balloon" had great reactions and almost a full house for the slasher block and we were able to network with other filmmakers. It was a BLAST.

    Smallest issues were the communication with filmmakers. An email would have been nice to confirm everything. I hope the screaming room can be even bigger next year! THANK YOU for everything!

    August 2017
  • Seemed cool, we never got a list of who won.

    August 2017
    Mss logo eblastheader
    Response from festival:

    Winners were posted last week on HorrorBuzz, and notified via our mailing list and social media channels.

  • Leon Landazuri

    It was a great experience, we want to comeback the next year with a new Short Film, thanks Midsummer Scream

    August 2017
  • Todd Spence

    Although the screenings are more as a side note to the other stuff happening at the convention, it was still cool. Thanks again for having us.

    August 2017
    Mss logo eblastheader
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for being part of the event! We don't view the Screaming Room as a side note but as one part of an event that tries to encompass all that Halloween has to offer. Alas, we take your feedback to heart and will continue to work on making the filmmaker experience better for 2018 and beyond!