Micro μ Festival, is the fastest-growing independent short film festival in Greece.

What makes this one-day festival unique is the fact that it takes place in different cities around Greece and the world on the same day and time. It thus gives the ability to its audience to connect, through simultaneously watching the 15 pre-selected films in real time and then voting for their favourite.

Micro μ festival’s ambition has been to promote the short film genre to a wider audience, especially in rural areas of Greece and selected cities abroad. Micro μ aims to unite culturally diverse audiences all over the globe through internationally highlighting the work of short filmmakers

The festival has had a great impact to the Greek audience so far. Since 2011, when it was first launched in Athens, requests to include new cities in its network have greatly increased. So far, the festival has managed to raise the number of participating cities in approximately two per year, recently reaching a network of fifteen screening locations in Greece and abroad.

The festival awards the audiences' “favourite film” with a statuette.

The first and second winner films receive prize packages from sponsors for equipment and post production services for their next productions.

Terms of Participation

•The total duration of each participating film should not exceed 25 minutes.
• In order to be accounted for participation every form should be fully completed and signed by the person who submits the film.
• The festivals schedule and projection series are decided by the festivals organizatinal committee.
• Each film director can participate with more than one films, provided that they are not older than three years.
•The completed Participation Form should be sent to submissions@micromfestival.gr the latest by July 1st, 2019.
• Upon request from the festival’s committee following the form submission, the applicants should post the film and signed participation form at the appointed address.
• All files sent by post should clearly indicate “ Without commercial value, For cultural purposes”
• Shipping charges are covered by the applicants.
• Following the time of the form and film submissions the applicants have no right to withdraw their participation.
• The fifteen short films that will be screened will be selected by a commitee that will be announced after the 1st of July 2019.
• The audience of Micro μ festival, the only judge of the festival’s films, vote for their favourite film at the day of the festival only after the end of the screenings.
• The festival’s award will be given to the director of the film that will collect more votes at the end of the festival.
• MICRO μ FESTIVAL is not responsible for any loss or destruction of material before or after the day of the festival.
• The Organisational committee and all the hosting venues of the festival are not responsible for any copyright issues related to public screening of the films during the festival.
• The Organisational committee has the right to screen part or the full of each film for promotional support of the festival and not for commercial reasons, whenever this seems necessary.
• A copy of each film together with the initial application form and any promotional material sent to us will remain to the festival’s archive.
• Any use of devices aiming to record audio or visual parts from the venues of the festival during the festival is strictly forbidden without permission from the Organisational Committee.
• Each signed application received by the festival implies full and unconstrained acceptance of all of the above terms of participation.

Overall Rating
  • Giorgos Kapsanakis

    One of the best festivals i ever attended. Our film was screened in 11 cities most of them fully packed with audience! I strongly recommend it for its professionalism, the quality of the screenings and the networking opportunities! Thank you so much Microμ

    October 2018
  • Great festival with parallel screenings in many cities and a very good film selection. So happy to take part with my film Small Word. Highly recommended!

    October 2018
  • Mind the Bump

    Very interesting festival, with parallel screenings in many cities and a great selection of films. It has been a pleasure to participate and attend the screening of Egeo-The Sea For Me documentary. Definately a festival worth applying to.

    October 2018