This event will happen in Alfama as a part of the Lisbon indie reference Cinalfama Film Festival. Our selected films will be eligible and competing
in Cinalfama Film Festival in July 2023.

Micro & No Budget Film Festival is an international competition held every July in Lisbon.

Who are We?
We value risk-takers that tested their filmmaking abilities with no safety net and the efforts of those who dare to state their creative claim with both instinct and self-exposure.
We welcome all films produced with few means and where voluntarism and self-sacrifice were turned into a strong cinematic catalyst.
The strength of an idea. That's what it's all about.

Awards & Prizes - There are six award
categories: Best Medium or Feature
Film; Best Short Film; Best Debut Film;
Best Directing; Best Acting and Best

Rules & Terms - We only accept films
produced with a budget value of less
than 30.000€ (around 33.500$), released
after 2015