SUBMISSIONS 2021 – 8th edition

The international film festival for childrens and teens MI PRIMER FESTIVAL invites you to participate in its 8th edition that will take place from February 18 to 25, 2023 in person, thanks to different venues and cultural centers allies.

MI PRIMER FESTIVAL aims to create a space for the exhibition of national and international cinema and audiovisuals, framing our content around the Human Rights of childs and teenganers established in the Convention on the Rights of the Child and in the General Law of the Rights of Child and Teenage , which recognizes them as holders of their rights.

This edition we are going to have a decentralized festival that bets on our content reaching a diverse audience. MI PRIMER FESTIVAL EN RUTA will be held in person for 24 months (2023-2024) in the regions of: Abancay, Cusco, Huancavelica, Huánuco, La Libertad, Lambayeque, Lima, Puno and Ucayali, the festival will be in each region, thanks to our allied groups and institutions, with audiovisual and cinematographic content selected and specific by place.

MI PRIMER FESTIVAL through audiovisual and new media promotes reflection on the various rights of children and adolescents from imagination and education, forming creative, flexible and safe future citizens.

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The 8th edition of MI PRIMER FESTIVAL, will feature the following awards:

Best Feature Film.
Best International Short Film.
Best Latin American Short Film.
Best TV/web serie.
Best Future Filmmakers.
Best Accessible Film.

The jury is made up of producers, directors and specialists in children's cinema or audiovisuals and the public vote consists of children, teenage girls. A symbolic prize and a diploma will be awarded in each competing category. The Festival will be responsible for sending the prize and the diploma to each of the winners after the event.

1. Any natural and/or legal person may participate, individually or collectively and without age limit, with the exception of the “Future Filmmakers” categories.
2. In the case of audiovisual works presented by minors, the owner of the minor will be in charge of filling out and signing the registration form and must provide their personal contact information.
3. The inscriptions of the projects will be presented for viewing in online or “screener” format through a YouTube, Vimeo, or Google drive link. It is mandatory to present this link online for registration. We will not accept applications through digital files for download such as Wetransfer or other similar ones. In the case of TV / Web series registrations, must send the chapter one screener .
4. The year of production of the films must be from 2020 onwards and be aimed exclusively at a child and / or teen audience.
5. Audiovisual works must be presented in Spanish or in the original language with Spanish subtitles. The works that are not subtitled will be eliminated. Separate subtitle files will not be accepted, the applicant must be in charge of sending the feature film or short film with subtitles.
6. Each participant may send a maximum of 3 audiovisual works, but it is an essential requirement to fill out an entry for each work.
7. Only the owner of the copyright can register the audiovisual work and she/he must sign the registration form as a sign in accordance with the bases and the transfer of rights of her/his work. The participant assumes responsibility for the veracity of this fact.
8. By registering the film or series, the participant authorizes the free exhibition of the film / series within the framework of the 7th. edition in virtual mode and with geolocation activated exclusively for the Peruvian region. He also waives all economic compensation for this concept.
9. 15% of the film / series may be used to promote the 7th edition in any of its electronic or audiovisual publications.
10. Selected films and series that have been duly registered cannot be withdrawn from the festival's program.
11. The authors or owners of the selected films and series will be contacted by email and / or WhatsApp from January 9, so they are asked to be attentive to communications on those dates.
12. The material required for the reproduction of the film / series during the festival can be presented within the proposed term in the following formats: Full HD files, Formats (MP4, MOV), H.264 Codec.
13. The delivery of the material will have a maximum period from the date of your request until January 23. Mi Primer Festival reserves the right not to accept shipping after the specified date.

Overall Rating
  • Unfortunately I couldn't travel to Peru, but it seems to me to be a very complete and wonderful festival for the children and adults who were able to attend. The staff is very competent and kind. Congratulations on the excellent work. I recommend it to everyone!

    March 2023
  • Otimo festival esperamos participar de futuras edições

    March 2023
  • Fue una gran experiencia exhibir "El árbol ya fue plantado" en contexto de este hermoso festival en un país hermano de Latinoamérica. A la distancia advertimos un trato muy respetuoso para con cada obra seleccionada, la nuestra incluida, por supuesto. Muchas gracias en nombre de todo el Equipo.

    August 2021
  • Alexa Chocobar

    Hermoso festival. Gran oportunidad para que los niños y las niñas se acerquen al cine. Fue, literalmente, mi primer festival. Orgullosa de haber sido parte de él.

    April 2020
  • norihiko ito

    My animation was selected and participated in the competition,
    The result of the examination is not announced, and it is not known where it is announced on the homepage, SNS, etc.
    It is very regrettable.

    Mi animación fue seleccionada y participó en la competencia,
    El resultado del examen no se anuncia y no se sabe dónde se anuncia en la página de inicio, SNS, etc.
    Es muy lamentable.

    March 2020