Friends of River Oaks Theatre is hosting special Mobile Movie Palace events monthly leading up to the grand re-opening of the historic art deco River Oaks Theatre.

In August the special event will be a screening of Fritz Lang's masterpiece, Metropolis which will enter the public domain in January 2023. We are calling on interested filmmakers to make short films inspired by Metropolis to be screened as part of this event.

The screening will consist of the top short films submitted followed by Metropolis with a live score accompaniment.

The top 10 filmmakers will have their websites links posted on our website to allow viewing of your work.

The top three films will be screened at the event and filmmakers will be highlighted in our press and marketing materials for the event.

There will be an audience award given to the top film choice.

Metropolis has just entered the public domain! Now is your chance to include it in your own short film.

For your film—10% or more must be footage from the classic Metropolis. Your film should be 3 min or less.

Overall Rating
  • Eli Fischer

    It was such a fun experience! It was amazing to experience different filmmakers on the big screen right next to an all time classic film. The venue was incredible and the host, friends of river oaks theater, was so gracious and kind.

    October 2023