Welcome to Medusa Film Festival!

We are dedicated to international short films, feature films, feature screenwriting and short screenwriting of all genres. Medusa Film Festival is a monthly structure.

The mission of Medusa Film Festival is to celebrate the independent motion picture and literary arts by providing a platform for international filmmakers and writers to have their short film projects recognized, promoted, screened and awarded online.

The members of the jury are film scholars, filmmakers, film critics and distributors from USA.

We have many categories for all genres of movies

Films can be from anywhere in the world since the festival is an international competition.
The festival has the right to use a trailer, stills and a poster from the films for promotional purposes.
Entry fees are non refundable.
There is no premier status requirement for films that would like to enter the monthly competition.
English subtitles are required for non English films.

Overall Rating
  • Juliet Landau

    We couldn't be happier with Medusa Film Festival -7th Season!!! It was a brilliant experience!!! We LOVED everything about it!!! The team is amazing and the festival has incredible taste!!!

    November 2021
  • Rosie Malek-Yonan

    We loved participating in Medusa Film Festival and Winning Best Feature Screenwriting for Master Speesa! We look forward to returning in the future with more new projects.

    December 2021
  • Joseph L Harrison

    As a writer, this is an amazing experience for many reasons. I am excited and extremely honored to be awarded the winner for Best Feature Screenwriting for my screenplay "Soul's On Fire." Medusa Film Festival truly promotes world cinema and scripts both nationally and internationally. Winning Best Feature Screenwriting not only has boosted my screenplay, but has allowed for greater exposure to potential producers and decision-makers at major motion pictures companies in Hollywood and elsewhere. For this and more, I cannot recommend the Medusa Film Festival nor say thank you enough!!

    December 2021
  • Avery Fane

    Honoured to have won amongst such a strong and diverse roster of film✊🏽

    December 2021
  • Angel Baltasar

    I am excited to have participated in the festival.

    November 2021