The Mediterrane Film Festival is an international film festival & convention with the aim of showcasing, promoting and bringing together the creative community and also exhibit European talent in the film industry.

Mediterrane provides a unique opportunity for individuals to showcase work from across Mediterranean countries to a global audience, network with other filmmakers, and engage in lively discussions about the state of the film industry in the Mediterranean.

It is also a chance to experience the charm and beauty of Malta, which has a long history of being a cultural crossroads for the region.

In addition to film screenings and competitions, the festival offers a variety of special events, such as workshops, masterclasses, and industry panels - providing opportunities to learn from and engage with some of the most talented and innovative voices in the industry.

Our aim is to bring together the best of the Mediterranean.

Competition Awards:

Best Makeup and Hair Design
Best Cinematography
Best Costume Design
Best Original Score
Best Production Design
Best Screenplay
Best Screenplay
Best Male Actor
Best Female Actor
Best Director
Best Feature Film

Special Award:

The Malta Create Short Film Fund

This is an initiative of the Malta Film Commission to support new filmmakers who have never received financial assistance or funding related to film production from any government entity. The aim of the fund is to provide emerging filmmakers with an opportunity to showcase their talent and creativity, while also promoting the development of the film industry in Malta. The funding for this award amounts to €100,000.

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