The Mashariki African Film Festival is the largest film festival in Rwanda. The festival was created to respond to a fast-growing film audience and a much-needed film connection through African countries, filmmakers, the African diaspora and international media producers.

The 10th Edition of Mashariki African Film Festival
Mashariki African Film Festival 2024 edition is to be staged live from 2nd to 8th November 2024. The overall 2024 program will include world premieres, screenings, workshops, seminars, panel discussions, networking sessions and pitch opportunities

The Mashariki African Film Festival stands as Rwanda's biggest cinematic event, responding to the growing film audience and the essential need for connections across African countries, filmmakers, the African diaspora, and international media producers.

This year marks a significant milestone as the Mashariki African Film Festival joyously celebrates its 10th anniversary. The landmark 10th edition of the festival is scheduled to take place from November 2nd to 8th, 2024. The 2024 program promises world premieres, screenings, workshops, seminars, panel discussions, and the exciting second edition of MashaRket—a platform facilitating meetings, professional discussions, and distribution deals among distributors, sales agents, production companies, producers, filmmakers, televisions, distribution platforms, and other film professionals.

The Mashariki African Film Festival (MAAFF) invites applications from filmmakers across Africa, the African diaspora, and worldwide, categorized under different competition segments.

The categories include Best Long Feature Fiction, Best Feature Documentary, Best Short Film, Best TV and Web Series, and Best East African Short Film.

Iziwacu Films will present awards for the Best Rwandan Short Film, while the Best International Film will be awarded to a film on Africa and African issues produced by non-African countries and international filmmakers.

Independent awards are also included, such as the East African Talent Award and the SIGNIS Award, with more awards to be announced.

The Official Mashariki Film Festival Awards, though not exhaustively listed, will recognize outstanding achievements in various categories with trophies, prize money, and additional perks such as mobility funds and residencies for filmmakers.

Priority is given to films from Africa and by Africans, including the African Diaspora.
Films in competition must have been directed or produced from November 2022.
Works in progress can be submitted but must be completed by August 2024.

MAAFF retains the right to accept films of specific interest to the festival, encouraging submissions across genres such as features, documentaries, shorts, animation, TV series, and music videos.


1. Best Long Feature Fiction
2. Best Feature Documentary
3. Best Short Film
4. Best TV and Web Series
5. Best East African Short Film
6. Best Film School
7. Best International Film

Additionally, IZIWACU FILMS presents specific categories, including:
1. Best Rwandan Short Film
2. Best Promising Filmmaker
3. Best Actor (from the films selected for the above competitions)
4. Best Actress (from the films selected for the above competitions)

Submission Deadlines:
Early Bird Deadline: April 15th, 2024 Free submission
Regular Deadline: May 25th, 2024 5$ For submission
Late Deadline: July 5th, 2024 10$ For submission

Submission Procedures:
All submissions must be made through the MAAFF platform on , with the link available on the festival's official website. Selection results will be promptly announced in September and published on the festival's website:

Each film at MAAFF may have at least two public screenings, including one press viewing. Additional screenings can be arranged with the producer's consent.
MAAFF is dedicated to safeguarding films from piracy and illicit activities.

VERY IMPORTANT: Mashariki African Film Festival do not pay screening fees to selected films.

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