*** Due to the current situation with COVID-19, our 2020 festival will not be feasible on the same scale that we have previously delivered. Whilst we still aim to screen some films online or on-screen to mark the date, we will be automatically rolling all films submitted over into consideration for all events in both 2020 and 2021 ***

A cinematic exploration of a shifting place & time.

Margate Film Festival is a project born out of the turbulence of changing cultural landscapes and a love for the chaos of creativity. A journey through the wilderness of the cinema; of art, politics, identity, feminism, music, performance and more.

Margate Film Festival launched in October 2018 and sold out back-to-back events. Over five days, the festival screened over 60 short and feature films, with live performances, Q&As, workshops and specially curated events across the town.

In 2020, our vision is clear - to expand the festival and entertain more filmgoers, innovate and inspire our existing and new audiences.

The festival celebrates Margate’s creative DIY culture, as well as it’s rich past and diverse cultural identity. For the first time, Margate Film Festival opens submissions to the public and invites artists and filmmakers to enter shorts, features and experimental works for consideration in the 2020 festival. A special interest will be paid to artists' films and locally-made works.

Margate Film Festival is a not-for-profit, volunteer-led, grassroots community

- Film are accepted from all levels of filmmaking, regardless of budget or experience.

- Margate Film Festival is open to international films and filmmakers, but films MUST be submitted with English subtitles if they are in another language.

- Submitting a film does not guarantee its selection at the festival. Our panel of submission viewers retain the right to only watch films partially, should the film not meet the basic standards of the festival. Refunds cannot be made if your film is not selected.

- Margate Film Festival cannot offer feedback on individual film submissions.

- Short films should be under 25 minutes in length, but can be of any style, genre or theme.

- Should your film be selected, you give us permission to screen your film at the festival and any subsequent screening over the next 12 month. Should you wish to withdraw your film from consideration, you must do this before the deadline date.

- Filmmakers must obtain necessary licenses & clearances for their films, Margate Film Festival WILL NOT hold responsibility for any copyright infringement.

- Submitting a film gives us permission to use publicity stills provided and up to 30 seconds of footage for use in Margate Film Festival's marketing and publicity.

Overall Rating
  • Dave Mckenna

    A wonderfully accommodating festival with a range of films as varied and superb as Chas and Dave's discography.. so what are you waiting for? 'down to Margate'

    November 2019
  • Margate is a young film festival but is proving in becoming a competitor. Highly recommend and we're thrilled to see our client X Anniversary screen there. Fantastic communication and Kate Williamson is an attentive and passionate festival director. Keep up the awesome work!

    November 2019
  • Nichola Wong

    Great little festival with an eye for great programming!!

    November 2019
  • Rebekah Louisa Smith

    This is one of the UK's best film festivals - quality programming, strong communication levels and above all they're passionate about indie filmmakers.

    November 2019