The Michigan Dance Council is proud to host the 26th Annual Michigan Dance Festival. The daylong festival is in its 26th season and will be held in-person on Saturday, November 6th from 10 am to 5 pm, in Lansing, Michigan. The Michigan Dance Festival culminates with the prestigious Maggie Allesee Choreography Award Competition that has a grand prize of $1,000.00. The Gala performance will start at 6 pm in Lansing, Michigan.
This festival is a multi-dance form opportunity for both middle and high school dancers, as well as college, studio, professional, and community dancers. We are excited to return to live performances, and so very happy to offer you the chance to enter this live dance competition. All works submitted must be recordings of a choreography that will be performed live. No screendances will be accepted.

Round 1
Applicants must submit a recording of their choreography through FilmFreeway. They will be selected through a blind review process that will determine the finalists for the Maggie Alessee Choreography Competition (Final Round). Maggie Finalists will be awarded a $250 honorarium to present their work in-person during Round 2.

Round 2
Maggie Finalists will be notified and must perform in person during the November 6th Gala at 6pm. At this event, they will be judge by adjudicators who will select the winner of the $1,000 grand prize.

Submissions must meet the following criteria:
- The choreographer must be the applicant
- Applicants must be 18+
- Applicants must be Michigan residents
- Applicants must submit a recording of their piece (with no credits and no identifying information), a headshot, and an action shot that will be used for marketing purposes for Maggie Finalists
- Applicants must pay the registration fee of $60 (members)/$75 (non-members) upon registration. If you are an MDC member and wish to submit under that category, you must retrieve a password by texting 313.495.5247 with the name under your membership.
- A recording of your dance must be submitted by October 3rd, 2021 at 11:59 pm. This is not a screendance festival. We need a recording of a piece that will be presented live on November 6th.
- Your piece must be original choreography that has not been previously performed @ the Michigan Dance Festival.
- The length of your work is not to exceed 10 minutes.
- Anonymity is crucial to this process. Again, please, do not include anything in the video that can identify the choreographer of your piece.
- You may not submit work that has already been adjudicated in a previous festival.