An important Festival done in the capital of Spain to show the other cinema with human values. This is the objective of The Human Rights Film Festival of Madrid, which will celebrate is third annual festival this year.
The Human Rights Film Festival of Madrid film festival brings Human Rights films in genres of fiction, animation and documentary.

Human Rights Award Feature Film Section
Human Rights Award Documentary Short Film Section
Human Rights Award Fiction Short Film Section
Human Rights Award Medium Film Section
International Journalism and Human Rights Awards
Human Rights Award

All films must be about Human Rights.
The Festival will cover the travel expenses, meals and lodging only for filmmakers invited to the Festival.
The Festival will subtitulate the selected films professionally in Spanish.
If your film is selected in some cases you will have to send the film in digital format with high definition to the format department.
The Festival will do international shows of the official section films in Spain and in countries of the global south in the world, with the aim to spread human rights themes before the beginning of the next edition.
If the Festival don't answer one time you know the reception of the material was done is because your film has not been selected.
Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of these rules.

Overall Rating
  • Great Festival in Madrid that raises awareness of Human Rights Worldwide and caters to creators who's work fits in the theme.
    Definitely recommend submitting here.

    January 2018
  • Alex Jimenez

    Great Festival about Human Rights. Always necessary.
    I was very happy to have my documentary selected for the Festival Opening. Very nice and friendly staff.

    December 2017
  • Milena Debeljkovic

    The organization was amazing! I loved it! Thank u for beautiful one life experience!

    December 2017