Madrese film festival has started in 2013 by a group of students who have concerns about teenagers' education.
At first, they tried to concentrate on a number of schools through the city of Tehran; but step by step and with great effort, they have achieved to expand their work through the whole country after the 5th festival; and maintain themselves as the most important short film festival for students under 19.
In this edition, 1294 works from all provinces of Iran have been sent to the festival’s secretariat. Madrese short film festival’s focus is on the works which have been made by students under 19.
In the 6th madrese film festival’s executives decided to step into the international arena in order to receive works throughout the world. In the first international edition of the festival which had been held in 2020, we’ve received somewhere around 100 works from 14 countries; and the age limitation was between 7 to 18 years old. In the same edition; we have received 2157 works throughout our own country.
The main purpose for gathering together this festival was to discover the talents of our students at a young age which is the most important goal for us now.
MISFF is trying to prepare an appropriate atmosphere for our teenagers to grow by discovering talents and educating them through great art teachers, and by this education tries to begin film projects with them in order to introduce the world of art and cinema to them.

The 7Th edition of MISFF is now open. all students under 19 can submit their works and share them with us. We hope this Edition be the best for all.

Best Short Fiction Film
Best Documentary
Best Animation
Best Video Art
Jury member`s Choice

Terms and Conditions for Admission

- The film director must be a student. (Under 19 years) all others submitting will be disqualified, fees will NOT be refunded.

- If the director is older than 19 and he or she is in college can submit too.

- Date of Submission of films April 20, 2021

- The film must be completed after January 1, 2017

- All topics will be allowed.

- Films will be judged in Short fiction, animation, documentary, and video clips.

- Submissions outside of Iran will be judged separately under the name "Students of the World".

- The prizes are non-cash and awarded to the winner of a letter of appreciation and a trophy.

- Awards in each section are conferred for the best film.

-The festival recognizes the creator of the film as the owner of the film.

- International films can be uploaded through

- The festival reserves the right to use the Films for the promotional teaser, screening during the festival, the introduction of the festival, and posting on the site.

- The festival only accepts one copy of the film.

- Films are not refundable upon submission to the festival.

- Short fiction and animation time should be less than 40 minutes.

- Documentary time should be less than 60 minutes.

- Video art and video clips time should be less than 20 minutes.

- Any technical defects within the film are the responsibility of the copyright holder.

Technical Rules:

- Movie Codec: The movie must be encoded as an H.264 file.

- Extensions Accepted: AVI, MOV, MP4

- Recommended frame rate: 24fps

- Recommended movie resolution: HD, FHD.

Overall Rating
  • Matthew Agustin

    I recommend this festival, thank you for everything

    November 2020