L'organisation du festival les Rencontres internationales du film court de Madagascar
Le développement de projets liés aux métiers du cinéma
La participation au développement de l’Art cinématographique
L’organisation de stages de formations au cinéma
La promotion de talents individuels et de projets issus ou liés à l'art cinématographique
L’organisation de stages de formations au cinéma
Regroupement dans le des développement individualités de ayant l'art en commun cinématographique une expertise, un savoir ou un projet s’inscrivant dans le développement de l’art cinématographique.
L'organisation et la promotion d'événements socioculturels
La participation aux actions d'information -Education et Communication.

Four awards are presented to directors:

The Panafrican Golden Zebu for Documentary,
The Panafrican Golden Zebu for Fiction,
The Panafrican Golden Zebu for Animation,
The National Competition Golden Zebu (Audience Award).

The prizes accompanying these trophies depend on the international partners which could be one of the several Festival partners of each category.

The MADAGASCOURT FILM FESTIVAL is organized by the Association Rencontres du Film Court Madagasikara, Institut Français de Madagascar and ROZIFILMS that we'll designed here by "RFC", and will take place from Saturday november 18th to Sunday November 26th for its 18th edition.
Deadline to submit your film : July 23th 2023 at midnight.
The RFC aimed to promote professional meeting, production, directing about short film
Article 1
- Essential Registration Conditions
Article 2
- Registration Procedures - Invoicing
Article 3
- Permission for Publication and Broadcasting
Article 4
– Accreditation for the RFC
Article 5
– Prohibition of Distribution and Wild Posting
Article 6
- Sanction in Case of Non-Payment Article
Article 7
– Exclusion
Article 8
- Registration Cancellation Conditions
Article 9
- Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

a) Only films that meet the following criteria may be included:
• finished after january 1st 2022
• less than 30 minutes
• not posted in internet
• Must be caracterized by cinemagraphic short film
• must be submit by someone which have all rights
• must be first submission for the RFC Festival
• the director(s) should have an African Nationality
• one director can only submit one film per edition.
NB: the national competition is exclusively for malagasy citizens.
b) All accredition in relation with film submission is exclusively reserved: to directors, producers, screenplayer, or actors of the film, to societies which work for production, distribution, diffusion for this film, associations, and professionals orgnanims whose main purpose is the promotion of films includins the short film, refferd as "particpant".
c) The Participants expressly prohibit themselves from offering in any form whatsoever the exploitation of products or rights in violation of legislative or regulatory provisions as well as international conventions relating to intellectual property and counterfeiting. The Association reserves the right to refuse the registration of any film likely to disturb public order or to offend religious beliefs, as well as pornographic or violent films, as well as posters and documents. 'relating to it. Any breach of these obligations, duly noted, will result in the immediate application of the sanctions provided for in Article 7 of this Regulation, in addition to prohibiting the offender from participating in the Festival.
d) Any company, institution, association or organization that subscribes to the RFC on behalf of one or more third persons undertakes to transmit and to make accept these general conditions to the beneficiaries of the registrations and is the guarantor of the perfect respect of said conditions by registered third parties. It also undertakes to act in full compliance with the registration conditions set out in paragraph "a" above and to provide the RFC, on first request, with any relevant information regarding the beneficiaries of the registrations. In the event of non-compliance with this clause, the registrations will be canceled by right, all the sums collected by the RFC will remain permanently acquired.
e) The participants, by currently submitting their film, accept that RFC can choose any program of the "18th edition" of the RFC festival to screen it, even the non competitive programs of the selection and on TV for the national competition (TV channels partenrs of RFC). All submitted films cannot be taken out anymore from the entire program settled by RFC
a) Registration for the RFC is subject to the payment of a registration fee set by the RFC:
• Gratuit : result of the decision without explanation,
• Premium : result of the decision with explanation,
• Gold : result of the decision with explanation and advice.The validation of the online registration file on the RFC website obliges the Participant to fully respect these General Conditions and commits him / her definitively to the perfect payment of the amount of the registration. All payments must be made by Paypal and/or Mobile Money for the case of Madagascar. The Participant guarantees the accuracy of the information provided for each of his films. The Association will view the films and reserves the right to refuse the registration of films that it would appear not to meet the admission criteria defined in Article 1 above, without having to justify its decision. The number of films that the RFC will be able to host is limited. The films will be processed in the order of validation on the website of the Rencontres du Film Court.
Registrations may be closed at any time and without notice, as soon as the number fixed by the RFC is reached.
b) Upon registration, the film will have to be downloaded directly via the file sending platform. Only films will be accepted in the original version with English, or French . The films must imperatively have been downloaded on 23/07/2023 for the latest. Beyond this date, the RFC can not guarantee the online release of the film and its viewing on the consultation terminals, in that case the participant cannot claim any refund, all the sums paid will remain permanently acquired to the RFC. The recorded films are digitized.
The quality of digitization of the films being a function of the technical quality of the downloaded media, the RFC can not be held responsible for the quality of broadcast on the viewing stations.
The participant commits himself to control the success of the download of his film. He will have to answer the questions asked at the end of the online download process, during the control stage of the film.
In case of download problem, the movie can be downloaded again.
As a last resort, a DVD/Hard disk may be requested. In this case, the transport, forwarding and insurance costs are entirely the responsibility of the sender. DVDs/Hard disk sent will be returned after the festival and the sending back will be discuted between the two parts.
a) Each film presented by a participating company is entitled to a free publication in the catalog of the RFC, on the express condition that the online registration file is completed no later than 23/07/2023. Information published by the RFC are based on the information provided online by the Participants and under their responsibility; the responsibility of the RFC can not in any case be sought in this respect. The information provided will be used in accordance with the law. A right of access and rectification may be exercised freely.
b) The registration of a film entails the tacit authorization for the benefit of the RFC to publish and disseminate in its media, including printed guides and databases, elements (extracts, images, texts ...) taken from the film for its promotion and all information provided, including the photo of the participants, unless otherwise stipulated in writing received right after the submission. Similarly, the Participant authorizes the RFC to use the said elements to promote the Rencontres du Film Court and the Association in the framework of publication or advertising in any form and on any medium, including internet and mobile phone, except otherwise stipulated in writing to the Association and received no later than 8 (eight) days after registration. The Participant guarantees to have the rights of all kinds relating to the said elements and to the photographic snapshots that he has sent and guarantees the Association against all recourse of thirds on this subject.
c) The RFC will propose targeted buyers and programmers to continue to watch movies streaming via a secure server for a period of 5 months after the event. An authorization is explicitly requested from the Participant when registering online.
The registration of a movie at RFC allows the accreditation of one or two members of the film crew (director, producer, actor, scriptwriter ...). This accreditation will be valid on the dates of the Rencontres du Film Court.The application for accreditation is made online, at the end of registration. Once informed, information about the person or persons requesting a badge, it will be impossible to change the name of these people. In the case of the registration of several films by the same entity, the number of badges issued will be decided by the Association according to the presence of the director (s). Each badge is strictly personal and can not be assigned, lent or exchanged under penalty of cancellation of access rights, without refunding registration fees. In case of loss or theft, the issue of a new badge will be charged. In case of exclusion as stated in Article 7, the participant undertakes to return immediately, on simple request of the organizer, the badge or badges which have been entrusted to him.

The Participant expressly agrees not to use any distribution, circulation, display of promotional materials (ie leaflets, flyers, newspapers, posters, posters or stickers on the walls, floors, windows, distribution of documents or documents). promotional items, circulation of disguised persons or carrying advertising elements, etc ... concerning his company or his film, his activity, his directors and / or members, his audiovisual assets or not, and in general any activity or person which has a direct or indirect link with the Participant, within the confines of the Festival without the prior written consent of the Association Any breach of this duly verified obligation will result in the immediate application of the sanctions provided for in Article 7 below, in addition to prohibiting the offender from participating in the Short Film Meetings for two full years. Any such promotional, cleaning or refurbishment items will be fully charged to the Participant, who agrees to reimburse them, subject to any additional damages and interest.
Failure to pay within 7 days will result in the cancellation of the broadcast of the film on the RFC server and the cancellation of any registration of the Participant at the Rencontres du Film Court and the Festival for the year in course and the following years until full repayment of the sums due. The Participant will also be excluded from the Festival grounds and must immediately return the badges provided
Any infringement of the provisions of the present by-law, as well as the non-observance of the rules of security of public order and police may result, at the sole discretion of the RFC in the temporary or permanent immediate exclusion of the Participant without formality or refund of any sum paid by him, which will remain acquired to the organizer.
In the case that the Participant renounces the submission of the film at the RFC, His/her film cannot be taken out fo the program as mentionned in art 1 and the RFC can decide to keep the program as it is or not, furthermore, the amount paid to obtain his registration will be retained by the RFC as compensation.

Any dispute concerning participation in the RFC, likely to arise between a Participant and the RFC, will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Antananarivo, the Malagasy law being the only competent.
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