Maazzeni Film Festival X Edition
Maazzeni is an contemporary art exhibition space where artists from local and national reality, a cultural melting pot with a very long history. The space is run by Luigi Virgillito, who lives there. Risen as an ancient pit-stop for the horses, in the 50's started to be used as a warehouse for almonds and oranges. “Maazzeni” -Sicilian warehouse- soon became a melting pot where, by the 70's, both agricultural activities and the first creative workshops and masked groups took place in the same space. Cinema and theater come together; over the years, many experiments dealing with the creative experience of Paternò will be staged at Maazzeni. Moving from these artistic experiences.

Prizes for the contest:

First Film Festival Audience Award Maazzeni sections: medium and short

Special Prize of the Jury.

Festival sections:
Medium-length and short films: the contest is open to medium and short films produced since the 50's up today (including animation ones).