The Melbourne Underground Film Festival (M.U.F.F.) is a cutting edge premiere showcase for Independent cinema in the Southern Hemisphere. It is known for its radical, adventurous and iconoclastic programming decisions and for its support for different voices in the Independent and Underground film and video practitioners worldwide. The festival focuses on both Australian and International cinema and is a vocal critic of the staid and failing Australian Film Industry.

M.U.F.F. plays many shorts (about 35) in Mini M.U.F.F. every year and a lot of features in its MUFF Neu section. Overall we play about 50 new works each year, plus an exciting array of documentaries and curated retrospectives.

M.U.F.F. is an essential cutting edge forum for new cinema that will look beyond production values, and find the hidden talent within. M.U.F.F. has been the launching board and incubator for many talented filmmakers including the likes of James Wan, Scott Ryan, Jenna Fisher, Jim VanBebber, Bruce LaBruce, Peter Christopherson, Stuart Simpson, Shannon Young, Kel Dolen, Steven Kastrissios, Ivan Kavanagh, Mark Savage, Anna Brownfield, Patrick Hughes, Jeremey DeCeglie, Gregory Pakis and many, many others.

M.U.F.F. awards cutting-edge films every year with the "M.U.F.F. AWARDS" that select winners both locally and Internationally from shorts and feature categories.

Please do not send original material or masters for preview or screening.

The Melbourne Underground Film Festival will not return preview or screening tapes.

The Melbourne Underground Film Festival will screen films off DVD or Blu Ray, USB Drive and ProRes .mov / mp4 only in any format from around the world.

No other formats are accepted.


We confirm that you have granted The Melbourne Underground Film Festival the right to publicly exhibit your film and that The Melbourne Underground Film Festival will take all care but no responsibility for your film whilst in the possession of the Festival. We also confirm that if accepted into the festival you grant The Melbourne Underground Film Festival the right to publicly promote your film in all festival promotional materials, as appropriate. You also confirm that all necessary permissions have been obtained to enter this film in the Festival and that the film does not infringe the rights including copyright of any third party.

Overall Rating
  • Shannon Meilak

    Shortly after receiving notification of selection in October 2019, I was told that the event will be postponed until April 2020, which I was perfectly fine with - these things happen. After that email, no further communication was made. I tried contacting the festival directly for updates, but never received a reply. April come and went and still no communication from the festival. At the end of June 2020, desperate for answers, I looked on the festival Facebook page to see if they had made any announcements and found a post dated 15 June 2020 (8 months after selection), that said the event had been cancelled. No email was ever received notifying me of this update, just a Facebook post that I was expected to find. When I commented on the post asking why the filmmakers had not been notified, the festival deleted my comment. A very disappointing experience and obviously very disorganised. Sorry, but it has to be said. This has been my first really bad experience with any film festival.

    July 2020
  • MUFF is an important source of aesthetic rebellion in an otherwise flat field of film festivals.

    December 2019
  • Was a bit disappointed by the way we were treated at the festival. Unfortunately our film wasn't ready for us to be screened at its allotted time. When I asked why this was the case, the festival director seemed upset with me and sent me to a computer in the venue to download a copy. He seemed to be put out that it took a bit to download.

    Would recommend more organisation and helpers for the next festival. Hope this feedback is helpful and good luck for the event and to the upcoming finalists.

    July 2019
  • Simone McGennisken

    A nice little festival however it was very hard to get any information on the screening and submission details. I ended up getting in contact with a friend of a friend who happened to also be in the festival to send me the info I needed. I also had to pay to see my own film despite already paying submissions for festivals all over the world. And the sound levels were all off when my film started, same as most people's screenings. But they had a good variety of selections, entertaining choices, and nice people running the festival.

    November 2018
  • On behalf of the team, the Melbourne Underground Film Festival was a great experience. We are very happy and honoured to have had our film screened. The organisers communication was great and it is a really well run festival.

    November 2017