The Melbourne Underground Film Festival (M.U.F.F.) is a cutting edge premiere showcase for Independent cinema from around the world. It is known for its radical, adventurous and iconoclastic programming decisions, in addition to its support of different voices from independent, alternative, underground and student filmmakers worldwide. The festival focuses on both Australian and International cinema. MUFF plays many shorts every year and a lot of features, plus an exciting array of documentaries and curated retrospectives. MUFF is an essential forum for new cinema that will look beyond production values, and find the hidden talent within. MUFF has been the launching board and incubator for many talented and famous filmmakers including James Wan, Scott Ryan, Jenna Fisher, Jim VanBebber, Bruce LaBruce, Peter Christopherson, Stuart Simpson, Shannon Young, Kel Dolen, Steven Kastrissios, Ivan Kavanagh, Mark Savage, Anna Brownfield, Patrick Hughes, Jeremey DeCeglie, Gregory Pakis, Travis Bain, Zak Hilditch, Addison Heath, Michael Parle, Cameron Miller, Paul Moder, Tom Vogel and many, many others.

The MUFF awards rewards many local and international films every year with its annual "M.U.F.F. AWARDS". Winners are selected from both the SHORT FILM and FEATURE FILM sections!

Please do not send original material or masters for preview or screening. The Melbourne Underground Film Festival will not return preview or screening discs.

The Melbourne Underground Film Festival will screen films off DVD, Blu Ray, USB Drives and high resolution .mov / .mp4 digital files only (in any format from around the world). No other formats are accepted.


We confirm that you have granted The Melbourne Underground Film Festival the right to publicly exhibit your film and that The Melbourne Underground Film Festival will take all care but no responsibility for your film whilst in the possession of the Festival. We also confirm that if accepted into the festival you grant The Melbourne Underground Film Festival the right to publicly promote your film in all festival promotional materials, as appropriate. You also confirm that all necessary permissions have been obtained to enter this film in the Festival and that the film does not infringe the rights including copyright of any third party.

Overall Rating
  • Johan Schyberg

    Amazing festival with, in my opinion, the most interesting content/submissions out there. Very accommodating and great communication.

    The perfect option for anyone who ticked the wrong answers to "directors gender, directors race and directors sexual preferences" when applying for Melbourne International Film Festival. :)

    May 2023
  • Patrick Harris

    Wonderful experience being accepted by MUFF, alas I couldn't make it to the event but communication was first rate

    December 2022
  • Yau Ming

    Thank you very much for selecting our short doco on the last typewriter shop in Melbourne. It was my first public project and it means a lot to me.

    June 2022
  • Good communication considering the ever-changing circumstances of planning a film festival during the pandemic. I wasn't able to travel to the festival but hopefully, I'll be submitting again in the future and can attend.

    November 2021
    Response from festival:

    Loved your film. Thank you for the wonderful review. It is not taken for granted. I look forward to reviewing your latest film if you have made one. We are open for 2022 entries at the moment, if you are interested.

  • This was the first time I actually felt a kinship with the staff of an international film festival. Richard and Eugene--in addition to being highly intelligent with regard to the film industry--deliver an authentic, no-holds-barred experience that puts everything in a proper perspective. Films offer a great escape, but at the end of the day, humanity must not ignore the realities of current events. Five stars across the board!

    October 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for one of the most detailed and uplifting reviews we have received, and we hope to see more of your movies :) If you are interested, 2022 entries are now being accepted and we are in the "early bird deadline" phase, offering filmmakers the best deals in terms of MUFF entry fees. It was great to meet you online, and to learn more about your film :)