The Scandinavian Film Festival in Mexico (MUCEM in spanish) is a project created by the Colectivo Nórdico in Mexico. We are a siblinghood of cultural managers from the city of Xalapa in the state of Veracruz in Mexico. MUCEM aims to be a bridge of communication between the culture of the Nordic countries and Mexico, through cinema.

The first edition of MUCEM was held in 2017 with the support of the Finnish embassy and Spætt, a Norwegian production company as a special guest. It was a traveling exhibition with presence in 4 states of the Mexican Republic: Veracruz, Jalisco, Mexico City and Puebla. During 2018, a special project was carried out from MUCEM, called Luz desde la oscuridad (Light from the Darkness), a Finnish documentary film tour with the support of Lilith cooperative, the largest creative cooperative in Finland, which allowed us to bring 4 Finnish documentary filmmakers, Heidi Piiroinen, Niklas Kullström, Antti Haase and Antti Seppänen, who exhibited some of their documentaries in 5 states, Oaxaca, Puebla, Mexico City, Veracruz and Yucatán.

In 2022 we had a second edition of MUCEM, this time with the support of national distributors, we were able to screen films from Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark, this time we visited the states of Veracruz, Jalisco, Baja California Sur and Mexico City.
The Colectivo Nórdico in Mexico has been carrying out cultural dissemination work since 2015. Its first production was an exhibition of music, cinema and an approach to the Norwegian language within the Xalapa Language Center (CIX). This set the tone for working with the Primeras Jornadas Nórdicas (First Nordic Conferences) in the state of Veracruz, where talks, concerts, projections with international guests were held.

We currently have close contact with leading filmmakers in Scandinavian countries. Therefore, the melting pot of profiles that integrates the Colectivo Nordico guarantees good professional work not only in Mexico but abroad.

Audience Award for the film, awarded by the audience through a vote. Recognition is only done digitally. A certificate of participation in digital format will be awarded to all registered works.

Scandinavian Film Festival in Mexico Tour 2023 (MUCEM Tour 2023)
The Colectivo Nordico in Mexico will carry out the MUCEM Tour 2023 in the Mexican Republic from august 15 to October 31, starting in the city of Xalapa and later touring some states of Mexico. It is a festival with only face-to-face activities.


1. For the official selection, both fiction and documentary short films and feature films whose production has been made in one of the Scandinavian countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Finland in any language may participate.
2. Films must have been produced after January 1, 2020.
3. The films must be subtitled in Spanish (preferably) and/or English.

Registration must be done through the FilmFreeway platform following these steps:
1. Fill out the registration form at
2. Upload the viewing link on FilmFreeway. The access keys to the viewing link must be provided. All links must be available from the date of submission and until the publication of the results, on april 15, 2023.

1.- Registration for this call will be completely free.
2.- All films must be registered on FilmFreeway before march 31, 2023. Films registered after this date will not be considered.

1. The projects will be selected by a committee convened by MUCEM. The committee is made up of members of the Mexican film community, experts in the culture and cinema of the Nordic countries. The selection made by the committee will be final and unappealable.
2. The committee reserves the right to invite projects directly to participate in this call.
3. The selected films will be contacted directly by the people who organize MUCEM.
4. The results of the committee election will be published on and official social networks of the project on april 15, 2023.
5. If selected, the person responsible for the film must send to MUCEM their critical route for participation in film festivals in 2023.
6. Those responsible for the films will have 10 days from the date of publication of the official selection on to send the screening copy to MUCEM. The copies must meet all the technical requirements that are requested for the selected films.

The selected films must take into account compliance with all technical specifications without exception. The copies will be sent in: high definition (full HD), in .mp4 H.264 format with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, a minimum quality of 30 Mbps and a maximum of 40 Mbps. The audio must be in stereo or 5.1 stereo. In the case of films that have subtitles in English or Spanish, these must be attached in .srt format in a different file from the screening copy.
MUCEM will accept the transfer of files via Dropbox or WeTransfer to the following email:
The following information must be uploaded directly to the platform
● Brief synopsis in English (maximum 300 characters with spaces, Arial, 12 points).
● Brief profile and filmography of the director and producer in English (maximum 300 characters with spaces, Arial, 12 points).
● Three frames (stills) and a movie poster in .jpg format and 300 dpi.
● Technical sheet of the film in English.
● 2 trailers, a version with English subtitles and another version without subtitles. Both in .mp4 H.264 format (1920 x 1080 pixels), with a minimum quality of 10 Mbps. The trailer subtitle file must be attached in .srt format.

1. The MUCEM committee assumes that the producers, directors or distributors who apply to this call have the exhibition rights of the work they are presenting, exempting MUCEM from any civil or criminal liability.
2. The exhibition material will be part of the film collection of the Exhibition and may be used for strictly cultural purposes, as well as in other events organized by MUCEM (special cycles in public schools and cultural centers, cultural cooperation as well as other exhibitions and festivals).
3. MUCEM can use the selected films only in the Territory of Mexico.
4. MUCEM DOES NOT pay exhibition fees.
5. MUCEM undertakes to notify the owner of the copyright before its exhibition.

1. The participants grant the organizers of MUCEM the rights to broadcast interviews, frames and fragments of their films on their respective website, social networks and press releases; within the Exhibition as well as in associated projections for which they will not be entitled to any commission, fee or consideration of any kind.
2. Participants also grant MUCEM organizers the right to use their name, image, voice, portraits, statements, background and biographical material in connection with the event.
3. The fragments and trailers of the selected films may be used for promotional purposes for the event in any type of digital or printed media: program, invitation, press, trailer, as well as publications on the web and on their social networks.
4. The participants will provide the data of the official social networks of their film or producer (Fb, Ig, Tw, etc.) for their promotion.
5. The registration of the films implies the total acceptance of these bases. The interpretation and application of the same corresponds to the organizers of MUCEM.

For any questions or information regarding the call, please contact: or

Overall Rating
  • Thanks for presenting the MUCEM program with such elegance and dignity and for free entry to your audience, Felipe.
    I really appreciate the extra work you did on the web-design and publication. You seem to be passionate about Nordic culture. Idun and Frigg be with you.
    Not many events have the manpower or stamina for such a rich presentation and most of them make only simple program lists, squeezing everyone on one page without posters. Even the smallest short films like my CALXOPHOBIA get their own multiple social media posts and sub-websites in Spanish in your case. Your event was worth submitting to.

    October 2023