The mission of the Moving Body Platform is dedicated to connecting artists and audiences through art that shares a strong choreographic sensibility. How do we move? What makes us move? Towards what are we moving? How do we move from an individual towards a collective body shaping the future of history? How do we move in times of Catastrophe? These are the issues that underline any program selection.
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MB#9 | Critical moves | Screenings| Open call 2024

Critical Moves Screenings is an international competition program in the frame of the Moving Body Festival with a focus on short screen dance films.

We witness more and more evidence of climate challenges, inequality issues around the globe, and a huge polarization between individuals and nations. These diverse illnesses are interconnected and together they are creating unpredictable dynamics.

It looks like there isn’t an easy exit, neither a safe return nor a new normality. We need to learn how to navigate our lives through uncertainty and remind ourselves that challenging times are also occasions of real possibilities and major opportunities.

With our Open Call, we would like to hear your strong critical voice!

The temporary collective body that we form every year has an increasingly powerful charge of energy. It seeks, provokes, quests around, and wants to see, speak and hear. It maps the routes along which artists and audiences move through art with strong conceptual and choreographic sensibility. The edition unfolds in a rich program that hides entrances and exits to a variety of contexts and topics that meet us with works in process, research residencies, artistic practices, performances, lectures and talks, screenings, and party situations.

We perceive the critical areas that we will offer to your attention as a rich full territory in which to explore, to stand and observe, to provoke, to stand up and insist that it is important - How do we move? What makes us move? Towards what are we moving? How do we move from an individual towards a collective body shaping the future of history? How do we move in times of Catastrophe?
Welcome to edition number 9th!


We are searching for short films which represent experiments in video art mediums, and dance with strong choreographic sensibility and original concepts. Films that explore new audiovisual lines and challenge the viewer’s perspective are very welcome to submit. The category is open to a wide range of genres, with a priority on experimental, but also narrative, social, and documentary.
We are curious to receive:

- films that are tapping into Moving Body’s platform core questions;
- films with sharp and clear concepts;
- innovative and provocative video art works that push the boundaries of the film medium;
films related to dance, choreography, or movement;
- films between 1 - 15 min.;
- films not older than 2 years;
- films not submitted to previous Moving Body editions;

We are not interested to receive:

- trailers;
- recordings of performances;
- commercials.

A film will be considered by the festival's selection committee once the online form has been filled out and the selection screener link has been sent, before the 17th of August 2024.

Professionals are competing for the ‘Jury Award - Best Dance Film’, with a cash prize of 200 euro, and ‘Encouragement Awards’ with a digital diploma for:

- best collective body;
- best individual body;
- best use of location;
- best choreography;
- best low-budget;
- most daring;
- audience choice

All the winners will receive special attention with an article or an interview in our rubric Translation on air.

All benefits to selected films:

- Eligible to receive a Jury Award or Encouragement Award;
- Featured on the 9th edition of Moving Body Festival in October-November 2024;
- Awarded with “International Official Selection” Laurel, “Best Dance Film" Laurel for cash award winner, as well as “Encouragement Award”;
- One free pass to the Moving Body Festival 2024;
- Invitation for participation in Moving Body’s touring initiative and being promoted in additional cities.

AGREEMENT on the Terms & Conditions for the open call 2024

All submitted short films should not exceed 15 minutes.

All submitted short films should not be older than 2 years.

All submitted short films should not be submitted to previous Moving Body editions.

If an applying film is not in English, it is mandatory that it has appropriately embedded English subtitles.

Submission fees are not refundable.

By submitting your work, you agree that you have all the necessary rights and authorizations to present this work in public. Moving Body Festival is not responsible for any claims made by a third party regarding copyright and related rights. Any damages that Moving Body Festival may incur as a result of your submission shall be the responsibility of the respective applicant.

The awarded films are determined by an authoritative jury and their decision is not subject to appeal.

The programmers of the festival may choose to put a film in a different category/competition than it was submitted for. In this case, the filmmaker will be informed without the right to contest this decision.

Notifications about the film selection 2024 will be sent by latest by 20th of September 2024 and announced online by the beginning of October 2024.

General scheduling and timetable of screenings are entirely at the discretion of the festival.

Moving Body is granted the right to screen the submitted films during the festival period in Varna in 2024 as well as in the touring program planned for the first half of 2025.

In case your film is selected for screening you will be asked to send a master copy before the 1st of October 2024. The criteria and specifications for master files will be emailed with the notification. Failure to send the master copy in time or in the requested format will result in the discontinuation of your participation in the Festival.

Moving Body is granted gratuitously and without limitation in time or geography the right to use the submitted films, film stills, posters, and trailers for promotional purposes on the internet, television, and other media. An excerpt of 10% of the film (or max. 3min) of each submitted film may be used for that purpose.

The film information provided by the participant in the entry form will be used for festival publications. Catalog writings are entirely at the discretion of the Festival. Moving Body accepts no liability in the event that its publications reproduce inaccuracies in submitted materials.

The film submitter’s personal contact details will be kept in the Moving Body database after the Festival. This information is only used to request additional screenings and will never be made public nor given to third parties without the consent of the submitter.

By submitting your film you claim to have full ownership of the film and/or have cleared all the rights. Moving Body shall under no circumstances be liable for any claims by third parties.

In case of faulty projection, the festival cannot be held liable for immaterial damages suffered by the director, producer, or distributor.

Festival/day passes or screening invitations for filmmakers are at the discretion of the Festival.

Moving Body is very happy to have the filmmakers present at the festival, unfortunately, the festival cannot cover travel and accommodation. Therefore Moving Body could provide you with an official letter of invitation to the festival which could be used in the application processes for your local mobility funds.

The management and/or board of Moving Body can always decide on exceptions to the above regulations per its sole discretion and without the need to inform all applicants individually.

Overall Rating
  • Editta Braun

    Very good communication and exciting program! We are happy that luvos migrations was part of this years festival!

    August 2023
  • Kris De Meester

    Great festival with a devoted team behind it.

    July 2023
  • Hadi Moussally

    Great Festival with a good selection and communication! Thank you for the award!

    July 2023
  • John Killacky

    So grateful to be included in your expansive vision of this wondrous festival.

    July 2023
  • Amazing festival. Good communication and organization.

    January 2023