In its sixth edition, the MOV Festival provides cinema and audiovisual students with a platform in the Brazilian exhibition market. We aim to recognize and amplify the voices of young talents and fresh perspectives from various countries. Thus, the festival highlights the student aspect of the cinema industry for both filmmakers and audiences.

To bring this vision to life, many hands have contributed and continue to support the MOV Festival. The spirit of collective achievement propels us to elevate student-made cinema.

Watch the after movie of our 5th edition: .

The MOV Festival is sponsored by Fundarpe and the Government of Pernambuco through the Funcultura Audiovisual Grant.

The awards listed below consist of trophies sent via post to the director of the awarded film.

Awarded to the film that distinguishes itself in form and content through the expressive use of cinematic tools.

Awarded to the film that captivates the spectator's attention through its compelling diegesis and the harmonious integration of a splendid visual and aural universe.

Awarded for the mature, vigorous construction of narrativity in a film. This award is not limited to narrative films but recognizes works that successfully combine script and editing to construct space and time.

Awarded to the film that brings innovation in form, content, or language.

The jury may also offer Honorable Mentions if they deem it appropriate.


-- Only NON-BRAZILIAN filmmakers are able to submit their films on this platform. If you want to submit your film to our National Competition, please fill the form available on --

-- All films which are not marked as "STUDENT PROJECT" at the specifications form will be summarily disqualified. --

1. MOV is an international student film festival that will take place in Recife - PE (Brazil), 2-7 September 2024.

2. The Festival will accept submissions of short digital films (max. duration 25 minutes) in any genre.

3. The films must have been completed to June 2022 until nowadays and its production at the time that the Director(s) and at least one more crew member were enrolled in any Educational Institution.

4. The films can be submitted in any language. If they are not in PORTUGUESE, films must be subtitled in PORTUGUESE or ENGLISH.

5. Submissions must be sent by 23:59 on 20 June 2024.

6. The list of films officially selected will be released on 20 August 2024 at

7. ONLY SELECTED FILMS will be asked to send to the committee the film on mov H264 to be downloaded on a online platform, as well as:

a) Manually signed authorization of exhibition
b) Two pictures of the film (300dpi)
c) Checking copy of the director(s) and crew member enrollment/affiliation to the Educational Institution.

8. The checking copy of the enrollment/affiliation to the Educational Institution must date from the period of the film’s production. Films will not be accepted if documents are dated before or after the year of production.

9. The filmmaker of each selected film agrees with the public exhibition on TV or internet of up to 20 seconds of the film, as part of the marketing of MOV.

10. Each filmmaker, by submitting their film, declares that all elements included on the short film submitted do not violate any image right or intellectual property rights of others, and implies acceptance of exclusive legal responsibility for complaint, lawsuit or litigation, direct or indirect, due to the exhibition or use of the works.

Any doubts? Write to us:


Data Protection at the MOV Festival

The General Data Protection Law (LGPD) is a Brazilian legislation aimed at protecting citizens' personal data, ensuring transparency in the use of this information. At the MOV Festival, we take the privacy and security of our participants, partners, and team members very seriously.

Data Collection and Use
We collect information which is used exclusively for administrative and informational purposes and to enhance the participants' experience. Films will be accessed only by a restricted team for selection purposes. No film links will be shared with others.

By registering for the MOV Festival, you agree to the collection and use of your data as described in this policy. We ensure that any use of personal information will be conducted responsibly and transparently.

Data Sharing
Your personal data will not be shared with others, except when required by law.

Questions and Contact
If you have any questions about our privacy policy or how your data is handled, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available to clarify any issues and ensure your peace of mind.

Overall Rating
  • Lara Rodríguez Cruz

    Their commitment to cinema as a means to positively impact the world is only met by their incredibly nice disposition and welcoming attitude. A must!

    July 2019
  • Thomas Lemoine

    Great festival team and great communication from their part. Wish I could have come to the festival !

    February 2017