MISSIONFEST is a 3-day multicultural Film, TV, and Digital festival. Inspiring content for a changing world, MISSIONFEST is a media, networking and community event featuring—

SCREENINGS of hand-picked, diverse original short, long-from and episodic digital-video content with an eclectic point of view.

NETWORKING with prominent entertainment industry thought-leaders including writers, producers, directors, talent, distributers and financiers.

CONTENT CREATION and best practices in digital development and distribution for a savvy, global audience.

To promote, curate and support inclusive and culturally-diverse entertainment content that reflects a changing world. As technology fuels our ability to learn and connect, it brings new opportunities to tell our unique stories. Find your story at MISSIONFEST.

Hosted in San Fransisco, known for its distinct mix of cultures and influence on art, music and socially relevant causes.

MISSIONFEST is created by PREMO, a new kind of video network. PREMO offers a unique experience that makes it easy to discover entertainment more reflective of our world today. PREMO is based in San Fransisco with offices in Los Angeles and New York. Find us at www.premonetwork.com.


Best Feature Film
Best Short Film
Best Director
Best Editing
Best Music
Best Screenplay (Screenplay competition excludes films being screened)
Best Actor/ Feature Film
Best Actor / Short Film
Best Actress / Feature Film
Best Actress / Short Film
Best Documentary Feature
Best Documentary Short
Best Series
Best International Entry (Feature or Short Film)
Online Fan Favorite
Best Music Video
Best Animation / Experimental Short Film


ON A MISSION Award (Emerging Filmmaker/Actor/Actress who exemplifies the spirit of diversity and/or inclusion)
WAKE UP DIVERSITY Award (Best short Film that highlights and exemplifies the spirit of diversity and/or inclusion)
HONORARY MISSION Award (Acknowledgment for a Filmmaker/Actor/Actress who has shown great Diversity and Inclusion in their long career)

MISSIONFEST Submissions are reviewed and selected under the following criteria:
– Quality of narrative and production values.
– Originality in storytelling.
– Inclusive and diverse point of view.

MISSIONFEST TERMS OF USE Failure to comply with MISSIONFEST guidelines, rules, regulations, or eligibility may be cause for disqualification and result in having your film pulled from screening. By submitting or entering your work to MISSIONFEST you are admitting that you have read, understood and agreed to follow our Rules and Regulations for festival submissions and to abide by our Terms and Conditions of service and our general festival Rules and Regulations.

By submitting or entering your work to MISSIONFEST, entrants release it’s Board of Directors, Officers, Staff and Volunteers harmless from and against all losses, damages, rights, claims and actions of any kind arising in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from participation with the competition or participation in any competition related activity. By submitting to MISSIONFEST you are granting MISSIONFEST the rights to use screen grabs, press materials, and stills from your movie on our advertisements, press materials, festival programs and website for a minimum 12 months preceding and following the festival year you are submitted to.

By submitting to MISSIONFEST you are admitting that you are 18 years of age or older. By submitting to MISSIONFEST you are granting the right for MISSIONFEST to screen your film publicly one to four times in the next twelve months, world wide. By entering or submitting to any MISSIONFEST you acknowledge that you are not entitled to any refund or damage claims of any kind if your film is unable to screen due to technical or operational difficulties or if your film needs to be rescheduled or delayed for any reason.

MISSIONFEST is not responsible for broken or non-functioning films, DCP's. In the case that your film gets selected for the official program in 2018, a final screening copy in form of a DCP has to be delivered to the festival no later than 1 month before the opening night of the festival. Every Film with non English dialogue that gets officially selected MUST provide a copy of their film WITH ENGLISH subtitles, no matter what language the dialogue is. We do NOT accept separated files of movies and subtitles it has to be provided in ONE file. If EMIFF does not receive a DCP copy of your film (if selected) your film will automatically be disqualified from the program/competition.

MISSIONFEST does not pay any screening fees. All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply.