Welcome to MILF Fest!

The Montreal International Laureate Film Festival is an international short film contest run by The Plumber's Station at McGill University. We aim to showcase exciting new projects by young aspiring filmmakers to a broader audience.

As a small film club at McGill University, TPS understands the value in young talent who want to pursue their dreams of filmmaking. Our goal is to produce original projects while developing creative outlets for others to express their artistry.

MILF Fest will serve as an avenue for young creatives to display their recent short films to a large crowd in Montreal. Participants may partake in different categories such as: Drama, Comedy, Horror, and Experimental. Different prizes will be awarded in each category.

MILF Fest will be giving away prizes provided by numerous local sponsors from Montreal. Winners will be rewarded with award sets for their respective categories (drama, comedy, horror, experimental).

We will reveal new prizes as we come closer to the date of the festival.

MILF Fest will also be giving away prizes for attendants on the night of the festival through random raffles.

Filmmakers interested in submitting to MILF Fest must fill out the following form: Coming soon!


MILF Fest is organized by The Plumber's Station (TPS), the principal film and photography committee of McGill University's EUS. TPS focuses on creating original content for college students in Montreal. This includes short fiction projects and non-fiction interactive McGill oriented content such as a podcast or on-the-street interviews.

MILF Fest will prioritize short films created by young filmmakers without the assistance of professional production companies. However, there are no age restrictions for submissions. Submissions must be under 10 minutes to participate. They must fit within the following categories: drama, comedy, horror, experimental. Films must be in English language. If submitted films are not in English language, they must be accompanied with English subtitles.

Submitted projects must conform to the following criteria:
- Films must have been made between January 1st 2022 and December 12th 2023
- Films must be under 10 minutes
- Films must fit within the following categories: drama, comedy, horror, experimental
- Films must either be in English language or have English subtitles

Films that fail to conform to the previous criteria will not be considered for MILF Fest.

Producers of submitted projects may choose which categories their film may be included in. Organizers reserve the right to include the film in another category should the film not fit in the chosen category.
Potential submissions must be made online through FilmFreeway or by WeTransfer (see Google form at beginning of Rules and Terms section). Participants may submit more than one film as long as they are registered separately on FilmFreeway or Google Form. Registration may be invalided if not all data is provided. Online film submissions must include the following:
- Text document providing short film summary
- Country of submission
- Film poster (only necessary if film is selected for the festival)
- List of cast and crew involved in production of film
Filmmakers that are selected for the festival will be notified by email.

By submitting a film you give the festival the right, without compensation, to present the work to the public in whatever form, media, ads, or at a public screening, with the purpose of promoting the festival. Projects will be used for this purpose solely during the year following the festival. The author allows free broadcasting of the work in scheduled programming of the film festival. All copyrights remain property of the author.

Filmmakers may be required to send different versions of their submitted project if it does not conform to video and audio technical specification. Failing to conform to the specifications can result in eliminating the film from the selection without further explanation.
Application deadline is December 12th 2023 at midnight EST. No applications will be accepted after the deadline. Submissions that are incomplete will be notified. Failure to respond to notifications of incomplete submissions will be invalided.
There is no application fee for submissions.

Awards will be attributed to submissions based off two rounds. The first round of prizes will be judged by selected jury. Members of the jury will be composed of individuals who have not participated in any submitted projects. The categories judged by members of the jury will compete in the following categories:
- Best Short Film
- Best Leading Actor/Actress
- Best Supporting Actor/Actress
The second round of awards will be judged by the audience during the attendance of the festival. Forms will be given to attending audience following each category where they will be allowed to vote for these categories:
- Audience Award for Drama Film
- Audience Award for Comedy Film
- Audience Award for Horror Film
- Audience Award for Experimental Film
- MILF of the Year Award
The festival reserves the right to a special award. Awards will be given at the end of the festival.

Any person has equal right to compete in the festival. By submitting a film you agree to comply with these rules.

Festival archive contains selection copies of all films submitted to the festival. The festival can use these films for:
- Promotion in other festivals and events
- For other screenings with the purpose of promoting and spreading the festival
- Educational workshops
These copies will be kept for these purposes for the following calendar year.

Overall Rating
  • Marko Plejić

    Great communication, a very valuable festival for young filmmakers.
    It was an honour to be a part of the official selection.

    January 2023