This is the first film festival hosted by Manic Expressive Co. in collaboration with the Alabama State University student art organization under the Art and Wellness Fair. FIVE students will get to showcase their original film work based on “Love and Loss” — highlighting their individual ideologies of love and loss and how it served as a catalyst for a new beginning ; followed by a panel discussion from the student creators explaining the creativity behind their work. We will also be screening a feature film by Ava Duvernay’s independent film company ARRAYNOW tilted, “Echo Park.”

All submission fees will go towards raising funds for the ASU Student Art Organization.

THEME: Love and Loss - recall a moment in your life or someone you know when love or loss was the catalyst for a new beginning.

Open to all ASU students and their production team. ASU student must be the lead producer/director.

All genres are eligible.

Any projects created between 2018 - 2023 are accepted.

Filmmakers will create a minimum of a 5-minute to maximum 15-minute short film.